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I used to like Paul Graham's "Hackers and Painters"...

... I was to­tal­ly wrong. Read Dab­blers and Blowhards for the re­al thing.

In­spired para­graph:

Great paint­ings, for ex­am­ple, get you laid in a way that great com­put­er pro­grams nev­er do. Even not-­so-­great paint­ings - in fac­t, any slap­dash at­tempt at splash­ing paint on­to a sur­face - will get you laid more than writ­ing soft­ware, es­pe­cial­ly if you have the slight­est hint of be­ing a tor­tured, brood­ing soul about you. For ev­i­dence of this I would point to my col­lege class­mate Hen­ning, who was a Swedish dou­ble art/the­atre ma­jor and on most days could bare­ly walk.

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