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PHP is for Lucre (II)

I prob­a­bly should have charged more.

Things I learned in this pro­jec­t:

  • If they tell you the de­sign is im­­por­­tan­t, it does­n't mat­ter that said de­sign in­­­cludes:

    • Fixed pix­el-height text in­­­puts (so when you re­­­size fonts you can't see what you write)

    • Mis­­­aligned fields and la­­­bels

    So, I need­ed to use Smar­­ty to gen­er­ate the ex­act same HT­M­L, work­ing just as bad as the orig­i­­nal. And it is thrice the work of do­ing it right.

  • If de­­ploy­­ment is on Win­­dows, re­­gard­­less of hav­ing the same ver­­sion of PH­P, you are go­ing to get in trou­ble one way or an­oth­er.

    In or­der to do it quick & cheap & good, I used PEAR mod­­ules ex­ten­­sive­­ly. And now I have to make sure all of them are in the serv­er... where there is no re­­mote ad­min so­lu­­tion us­able. So I have to be on­site to de­­ploy. I can't even re­mem­ber the last time I had to do such a thing :-(

So, I was cheap­er than the oth­er pro­pos­al­s, and maybe I was a bit too cheap. Live and learn :-)

Shulai / 2007-05-09 01:06:

A few years ago I worked doing the site logic for a design studio with some really good designers... But sadly at least one of them was a iMac head with no clue of anything but Photoshop.
I usually had to throw most of their pages away and rewrite the nested tables in a senseful way. When I tried to explain him that tables wasn't a mere tool to layout his mockups. Sadly for me, he told me that HTML was a "programming thing", that is, my problem.
I guess I should asked them for the Photoshop mockup and say they were too moron to do a decent HTML file.
About the PEAR thing, I usually copy the relevant files from my local install into a webserver folder via FTP. Not pretty, but it works, and I use very few modules anyway (MDB2,Date and something more).

Roberto Alsina / 2007-05-09 01:13:

That's a good idea, copying into a folder... I may have to do that for some things.

Sam / 2007-05-09 03:24:

I see you have managed to do all the things that you should have avoided :-)

Roberto Alsina / 2007-05-09 11:37:

Sam: You mean programming for money or programming in PHP? ;-) It was decent money, it was a day's work, I just complain too much.

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