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PHP is for lucre. Filthy, filthy lucre.

Got comis­sioned a small job for a cus­tomer:

  • Take a form done in an­­cient HTML us­ing dreamweaver.

  • Re­­do it in PH­P+MySQL

  • Make it work.

  • Add val­i­­da­­tion.

  • Make it look the same.

Ok, it's not ter­ri­bly hard, but it's not ter­ri­bly sim­ple, ei­ther, spe­cial­ly if you are not all that up­-­to-­date on PH­P.

But hey, us­ing HTM­L_Quick­Forms and Ren­der­er_Table­less, it's kin­da done.

But boy, do I now re­mem­ber how I don't like PH­P!

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