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1003 is a funny number, just not funny haha

In 1003, Erik the Red died after ha­ving ru­led Green­lan­d. Whi­ch of cour­se, was a bad idea, co­lo­r-­com­bi­na­tio­n-wi­se.

Arti­cle 1003 at pia­che­piu.­co­

Al­so a bad idea was de­cree 1003/89 whi­ch par­do­ned eve­ry "sub­ver­si­ve" or "te­rro­ris­t", in­clu­ding tho­se dead or di­sappea­re­d. This is after de­cree 1002, that par­dons tho­se who ki­lled or di­sappea­red the­m, of cour­se.

Mu­ch mil­der is de­cree 1003/98 whi­ch gi­ves an award to Ro­ber­to De­Vi­cen­zo. I wro­te a pro­gram ca­lled de­vi­cen­zo, BTW.

Car 1003 of the 56 bus.

Bug #1003 in laun­ch­pad is about laun­ch­pa­d, the ti­tle is "pro­jec­ts +sear­ch pa­ge 404" and the des­crip­tion is "Pa­ge not found Pa­ge not foun­d". It's fixe­d.

If you sear­ch for 1003 in Google Map­s, it gi­ves you one re­sult, in La­tvia.

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But Bing gi­ves you ano­ther pla­ce, in Lau­san­ne.

1003 da­ys ago, it was sep­tem­ber 15­th, 2002, the day of my 31st bir­th­da­y.

USS Al­ba­tro­ss, SP-1003

Pa­ge 1003 of Gra­y's ana­to­my is about the de­ve­lo­p­ment of the eye and con­tains a drawing of "the eye of an eigh­teen da­ys’ em­br­yo ra­bbi­t.".

"1003 Ra­bbit Skins Snap Bi­b" (s­ca­r­y!)

Pa­ge 1003 of "Fa­mi­liar Quo­ta­tion­s, 10­th ed of 1919" sa­ys "We are dan­cing on a vol­cano­.", attri­buted to the Co­m­te de Sal­vand­y. Al­to del Za­po­te, in Cu­ba is 1003 me­ters ta­ll, but is not a vol­cano at all.

NGC 1003, a di­ffu­se spi­ral ga­la­xy in Per­seus.

Oh, and this blog has 1003 pos­ts.

Roberto Alsina / 2012-03-07 16:10:

And at least one fact there is wrong.

Foobar / 2012-03-09 01:49:

el digito 1003 de pi es un 0, como no lo pusiste

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