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Advogato post for 2000-02-05 00:10:27

A whole stream of bugfixes in KRN. I redid all the action processing in the articles dialog so that it now is a lot simpler/faster/nicer/lower in monoinsaturated fats.

That made it easy to make it a bit more MVC-­like (read de­sign pat­terns :-) which al­lows for nice things like hav­ing mul­ti­ple views of a news­group.

I have heard Agent does some­thing like that, so it may make some peo­ple hap­py, too.

And of course, once I can have mul­ti­ple views of ar­ti­cles that sync with each oth­er (say, mark read an ar­ti­cle in a group, and it in­stant­ly changes in an­oth­er), I can im­ple­ment the new fanci­er ar­ti­cle search di­a­log.

Which then leads to the re­lease of 0.6.10. If I can ab­stain from im­ple­ment­ing mul­ti­thread­ed­ness, that is.

Yikes, I am in a sort of cod­ing fren­zy, I can't hold back from adding stuff. I had for­got­ten the feel­ing, af­ter these last cou­ple of years of lazy­ness.

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