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Advogato post for 2000-01-27 00:02:49

I once read that paintings are never finished, just abandoned.

Well, soft­ware is like that, ex­cept you can keep work­ing on it af­ter you aban­don^H^H^H^H^Hre­lease it.

Why am I say­ing this? Be­cause I bit the bul­let and re­leased KRN 0.6.9. It has some glar­ing bugs (like, progress re­port­ing does­n't work much), but then again, 0.6.0 had many more.

Any­way, it is us­able, and it shows some of the cool­er stuff I've been do­ing, al­though most of it is not vis­i­ble for a us­er yet.

And be­sides, I was start­ing to be stressed about just fix­ing things ;-)

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