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Advogato post for 2000-02-29 03:12:47

Today's sign of the end of times: I actually like Madonna's 'American Pie'. So shall we all perish in fiery hell soon.

On the free soft­ware fron­t, KRN is now ac­tu­al­ly sta­ble again. While co­op­er­a­tive mul­ti­thread­ing avoids most strange race con­di­tion­s, some can still oc­cur, and they can be go­daw­ful­ly hard to de­bug. How­ev­er, think­ing a bit does help ;-)

Any­way, as I was say­ing, it is pret­ty sta­ble now. The cur­rent list of bro­ken things is: post­ing, menus, tool­bars, fo­cus, cus­tom dock­ing, pro­gress, dis­con­nec­tion, ex­it­ing and de­cod­ing. Im­pres­sive!

With the right kind of wind in my sail, this should all be fixed by fri­day.

On the per­son­al side... hav­ing a busy girl­friend suck­s. I feel ne­glect­ed. I am gonna turn to al­co­hol and pill­s! Hm­m­m... men­tos!

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