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RASCAN 0.1.0

Yet an­oth­er lit­tle pro­gram.

In this case, it's called ras­can, and it's a re­write of In­ter7's sim­scan.

What does it do? It eas­i­ly hooks cla­mav and spa­mas­sas­sin in­to your qmail-smt­pd se­tup, so you will not ac­cept virus­es in your server, and tag spam.

It still lacks some fea­tures, like bounc­ing mes­sages based on spa­mas­sas­sin hit­s, or block­ing at­tach­ments, but it has at least one fea­ture sim­scan lacks (adding foot­ers to mes­sages).

It's still al­pha, so I would­n't put it on a pro­duc­tion server, but it may even work ;-)

Now I understand!

Rad­ing an in­ter­view with Bruce Perens has been a re­al eye open­er.

Con­sid­er this:

For ex­am­ple, when I con­sid­ered be­ing an em­ploy­ee one of the things stand­ing in the way was the fact that Mark does­n't give his em­ploy­ees stock in his com­pa­nies. If I'm go­ing to work for some­one I'm go­ing to be a lit­tle en­tre­pre­neur­ial about it, so I felt that al­though Ubun­tu and Canon­i­cal could do a great deal for De­bian and be ex­cel­lent com­mu­ni­ty mem­ber­s, they were nev­er go­ing to be the core, and we could ac­tu­al­ly get clos­er to the core by fol­low­ing what I have set up for User­Lin­ux.

Now I un­der­stand! In or­der to be "the core", a com­pa­ny should give Bruce Perens stock.

A match made in heaven

So, RH pays 350 mil­lions for JBoss.

And here are some quotes the guys at the reg­is­ter have digged up:

Our own talks with RH broke down, RH is NOT IN THE BUSI­NESS OF PAY­ING OPEN SOURCE DE­VEL­OP­ER­S, we are, that is why we cre­at­ed JBoss in­c. RH want­ed to keep the ser­vices rev­enues all to them­selves. That is the dirty lit­tle se­cret, so for them to come out and claim they are the open source when we know the re­al­i­ty is dis­taste­ful.

Hon­est­ly? I have had my trou­bles with RH in the past about their po­si­tions on KDE, and ev­ery­thing, but hey... at least I did­n't lat­er sell my chil­dren to them ;-)

OTO­H, Fleury is quite a char­ac­ter. Or a rav­ing para­noid :

Dad­dy, why are you still work­ing on a Sun­day? Is IBM still af­ter you?

My bet: you will not hear any­thing from Fleury for a while. Then, in some time (I put the over/ un­der at oc­to­ber) he will dis­creet­ly re­sign/be fired.

Wee links

I had seen a few blogs that had "digg this!" or "sub­mit to red­dit" links, and I de­cid­ed to add them.

Thanks to ex­plod­ing­boy that was rather sim­ple, so now all items have a neat box that adds no clut­ter where you can do it.

Very sim­ple thanks to PyDS and its tem­plate sys­tem.

The RA SPP Plugin collection

Af­ter a very long time, I have de­cid­ed to make one of my projects pub­lic.

It's a col­lec­tion of qmail plu­g­in­s, to be used with qmail-spp for di­verse pur­pos­es.

It's C code, which I don't quite like, but I think it does­n't suck too much.

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