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Advogato post for 2000-05-29 15:13:01

Official excuses for not posting diary entries:

a) My life is a mess. Noth­ing ter­ri­ble, but pret­ty con­fus­ing.

b) I'm work­ing long hours. Not longer than usu­al, but long.

c) I'm tak­ing quick trips for fam­i­ly is­sues when­ev­er I have 24 hours avail­able, so I'm tired as a dog.

So, there.

Advogato post for 2000-05-10 13:44:57

Money! I have money! Ok, I got my paycheck, life is good ;-)

I've been read­ing some his­to­ry books late­ly. XIX cen­tu­ry his­to­ry books to be pre­cise. Those guys were ei­ther too in­ter­est­ing, or had great bi­og­ra­pher­s.

For ex­am­ple, how could Lavalle, who was called "the head­less sword" say some­thing like this: "This fuck­ing land, where noone dares to kill me be­cause they fear me", af­ter com­mand­ing a 1000K­m, ex­treme­ly ug­ly, re­treat?

Al­so: idea for a his­toric ac­tion movie, based on fac­t: Hyp­po­lite Bouchard. French. Be­comes cap­tain of a cor­sair ship called "La Ar­genti­na". He sets off to sea, cross­es the Mag­el­lan strait, goes all the way up to Hawai­i.

There he buys back AN­OTH­ER ar­gen­tini­an ship called Cha­cabu­co, which was seized by Hawai­i, meets king Kame­ha Meha, who makes Hawaii the first na­tion to rec­og­nize ar­gen­tini­an in­de­pen­dence.

Then he mans the sec­ond ship with part of his crew, and com­pletes both with Hawai­ian na­tives.

That com­bi­na­tion of south amer­i­can and po­li­ne­sian crews then con­tin­ues one of the most ex­tra­or­di­nary raids in his­to­ry. They raid Mon­ter­rey (the ar­gen­tini­an flag was raised there for about 6 days), San­ta Bar­bara, a dozen oth­er town­s, sinks about 20 ship­s, and then comes down all the coast of Cen­tral Amer­i­ca.

Now, if some­one ac­tu­al­ly went and made the movie, would any­one BE­LIEVE it? I bet not.

Advogato post for 2000-05-08 14:05:58

The OOP article here is pretty nice.

I lack the teoric for­ma­tion to com­ment on it too well, but IMHO, ag­gre­ga­tion is nice, en­cap­su­la­tion is 50% nice, and deep in­her­i­tance trees tends to make life painful ;-)

Oth­er than that, not much to say to­day.

Advogato post for 2000-05-02 15:25:11

Ok. so I'm being a bit lame about diary entries. Oh, well.

Life: I am do­ing strange things late­ly. I can now read the pa­per while stand­ing on the sub­way, feat I be­lieved to be be­yond my reach. And the line was ex­tend­ed to a new sta­tion 2 blocks away from my ap­part­men­t, so I now walk some less, and have 12 min­utes more sleep each night.

I have a bor­rowed 3"tv. It's kin­da nice, af­ter over 2 weeks of tv-­less ex­is­tence.

I read "The dis­pos­sessed", by Ur­su­la K. LeGuin. Nice book. I read it in en­glish, be­cause it cost­ed me $5.50, while the span­ish ver­sion cost­ed $12 (both pa­per­back­). No idea why.

A word of ad­vice: If you ev­er need to get a le­gal au­tho­riza­tion from an­oth­er coun­try to al­low you to sign checks in the com­pa­ny ac­coun­t, and you need it very fast, well, it will not work too well. What? That's no ad­vice? I sup­pose. Or the ad­vice would be: don't get your­self in that po­si­tion :-)

I got a very func­tion­al KDE2 run­ning! There are mi­nor nig­gles all around (like need­ing to run kbuildsy­co­ca once by hand, ver­ti­cal max­i­miz­ing not work­ing right, and so on).

I can't build arts and kof­fice, but that's pret­ty mi­nor right now.

I am do­ing some mi­nor work in krn, and in­ter­view­ing peo­ple for a po­si­tion that would, in prac­ti­cal terms be my boss. That IS strange.

Al­so in­ter­viewed a guy that has pret­ty nice aca­dem­ic back­ground (mas­ter in Japan, stud­ied in the Bal­seiro in­sti­tute, per­haps the best hard sci­ence place in Ar­genti­na) to join the com­pa­ny, he should be use­ful (even if he wants to be­come a sales­man for some strange rea­son :-)

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