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Some KDE-related hacking

Since port­ing HTML dis­play en­gines from one place to an­oth­er is all the rage these days, I did a lit­tle hack­ing on one of the old­est forms of the art:

KDE's kde­nox mod­ule con­tains kon­q-em­bed, which is, among oth­er things, a port of KHTML to al­most-pure-Qt (I think).

So, I am hack­ing to make that re­al­ly-pure-Qt.

So, it's ba­si­cal­ly port­ing KHTML from KDE to Qt.

Why? Be­cause I want a de­cent HTML wid­get for PyQt that does­n't re­quire kdelib­s. So peo­ple us­ing PyQt/Win32 can use it, for in­stance.

I don't know if it will work (hack­ing C++ code is al­most painful to me nowa­days).

Sometimes people just don't think

ISC makes dhcpd and BIND.

Dhcpd can up­date a BIND zone us­ing a va­ri­ety of meth­od­s. The one I saw ex­am­ples of is called the "in­ter­im" method. It re­quires that you cre­ate what's called a TISC key, used by BIND to au­then­ti­cate the zone up­date re­quest­s.

All fine and dandy. BIND even has a tool to gen­er­ate such keys.

Too bad about 1 in ev­ery 8 times, the key will in­clude a / and will be a syn­tax er­ror if you in­clude it in a BIND named.­conf file.

A mi­nor bug? Sure. But come on, noone has no­ticed it?????

Now, this is news to me.

Tavia seems to be an­oth­er KDE web brows­er.

I say nice.


Be­cause of a ques­tion on the PyKDE list, ask­ing for a more com­plete HTML wid­get us­ing Qt (not kdelib­s) I am look­ing at kde­nox, which is sup­posed to be a Qt-on­ly (QT/E) kon­qy. Per­haps rip­ping off the khtml piece of it won't be too hard, and then it can be sip-wrapped.

Prob­a­bly noth­ing will hap­pen with it, but I am look­ing ;-)

Nice graphics

Dan­ny Allen has been kind enough to send me some pret­ty pieces for my On­go­ing Game De­vel­op­ment Ef­fort That Has No Name Yet (But Should Not Be Called Any­thing Jew­el­ry-Re­lat­ed) [1]

So, thanks Dan­ny!

I think I am go­ing to switch to SVG-based im­age load­ing, too.

On other news today...

Python code re­al­ly does­n't look good on plan­etkde, so fol­low the link to my page to see it right if you are there ;-)

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