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Advogato post for 2000-03-12 02:34:33

I'm going to make a rushed trip to Buenos Aires because I have not one but two offers for fulltime linux jobs.

Be­lieve it or not, I will spend my last $100 do­ing the trip, so one of them bet­ter be mine ;-) af­ter that, it's red ink un­til the end of the month.

The iOpen­er thing is just too cool. I would buy one. If I were in the US and I had $99. Ok, I have the $99, but look at the pre­vi­ous para­graph ;-)

Advogato post for 2000-03-10 19:17:22

The new box is really fast. It can updatedb 7GB of data in 35 seconds and run ldconfig on the full system in less than a second. (have any more useless benchmarks?)

I got tired of cod­ing KRN on­ly, so I went and im­ple­ment­ed a QPaint­De­vice that pro­duces PDF out­put :-)

Us­ing it, you can use the ex­act same code used for screen draw­ing (or post­script print­ing) and have it gen­erte a nifty PDF file.

How­ev­er, that will on­ly be part­ly free soft­ware be­cause it re­quires PDFLib which has the Al­addin li­cense.

I will prob­a­bly Al­addin it too, and who knows, maybe some Qt com­er­cial deelop­er will pay me $10 to use it ;-)

It was amaz­ing­ly lit­tle work (it's over 60% done al­ready). QPaint­De­vices rule. I should do a libart one... as soon as I un­der­stand how that thing work­s, or find some doc.

Advogato post for 2000-03-08 23:07:31

Awfully improductive day. The net was totally gridlocked, and is only now starting to come back, so I could not download a few things I wanted. Then the nice PIII-500 I had borrowed to use for development seems to have a defective network board, and I can't make it see the replacement :-P

So, I spent all day fight­ing these stupid is­sues, and no time for do­ing in­ter­est­ing stuff.

Advogato post for 2000-03-08 00:05:27

Well, I couldn't keep the plan of not coding until tomorrow. But hey, if the fingers are itching to code, why fight it :-)

Looks like I fixed most of the pend­ing prob­lems in KRN, ex­cep­t, of course, the vast fea­ture­less­ness. So, I will do some UI stuff to­day and to­mor­row, and it will be 0.7.1 (al­pha :-)

Advogato post for 2000-03-06 23:27:31

First of all, that Rome MP3 thing is such a nice idea!

With that out of the way, the plan is work­ing. I man­aged not to touch a com­put­er on the week­end, and to do very lit­tle to­day. I must con­fess I fixed two bugs in KRN, but I did­n't com­mit ;-)

Oth­er than that, noth­ing has hap­pened that I would share here, this be­ing a di­ary ded­i­cat­ed to free soft­ware mus­ings, and on­ly marginal­ly per­son­al. I am al­most done through a Thomas Har­ris tour, though (from Red Drag­on to his lat­est).

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