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Good news in PyQt

Phil´s sup­port is great. That´s good enough news, but he helped me make im­ages-and-http-in-q­textbrows­er work again.

I think I will pack­age that wid­get neat­ly, be­cause it´s of gen­er­al use­ful­ness.

Looks like work to me.

It seems I can't just stop work­ing, so I will now be teach­ing three cour­ses (24 hours/week) plus the con­sult­ing, plus what­ev­er.

I won­der why I do that.

Screenshot of Notty today

Since I up­load­ed Not­ty to Source­forge (get it from CVS), I thought it would be nice to show what it looks like nowa­days.

So here's a screen­shot. If that link does­n't work, try this one.

It is most­ly a work­ing ap­p, al­though still pret­ty ba­sic. You can use it, you can cre­ate notes, you can even ex­port them to HTML (work­ing fair­ly well, ex­cept for links to oth­er notes, which don't get fixed).

I am even us­ing it to doc­u­ment it­self (see doc­s/help.not­ty in the sources, it's a not­ty file)

Spe­cial­ly nice is Sil­verci­ty's code-block di­rec­tive, which you can see used in the screen­shot (look at the yel­low frag­men­t).

I'd say it is right now a pret­ty de­cent doc­u­men­ta­tion writ­ing tool, al­though the ed­i­tor com­po­nent is too fea­ture­less.

Synergy with myself.

Is there a name for that? It's like pick­ing one­self by one's boot­strap­s.

But any­way, I have been writ­ing a bunch of lit­tle PyQt projects in the last year or so, and they all seem to share some­thing with each oth­er.

Writ­ing KrSN, I worked on mak­ing a pseu­do/brows­er us­ing QTextBros­er... which is the note-dis­play­ing el­e­ment in Not­ty... which now is get­ting a re­Struc­tured­Text ed­i­tor... which will be used in Bartle­blog... for which I learned how to use XML­R­PC.. which I will use to write a Not­ty serv­er... and so on.

Of course, since I am do­ing all this as a hob­by, a rea­son­able re­lease of all these apps is still months in the fu­ture (KRsN is us­able, al­though in­com­plete, Not­ty will prob­a­bly be out in a de­cent shape first), but I am on­ly cod­ing for fun, any use any­one gets of it is strict­ly a hap­py side-­ef­fec­t, so... it's amus­ing in its own terms.

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