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Magic for Beginners


Kept this in my "cur­rent­ly read­ing" shelf for sev­en years, be­cause I could not ad­mit I was done with it. I would open if once in a while and reread any of the per­fect sto­ries in it.

The Menace from Farside


Of course it's not at the same lev­el as the Lu­na tril­o­gy but a nice way to re­vis­it the place.

Episodio 19: Small Data (I)

Ju­gan­do con datos de ver­dad! Có­mo pode­mos us­ar es­ta pi­la de datos que sacamos de al­gún la­do para hac­er al­go in­tere­san­te? Em­pece­mos!

Para ver qué hice yo con es­tos mis­mos datos: http://nom­bres.ralsi­

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