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Re­mind­ed me of the books Neal Stephen­son wrote when younger, which is a very high com­pli­men­t. Awe­some char­ac­ter de­vel­op­men­t, love­ly world­build­ing.

Looks like hav­ing been an ed­i­tor at io9 sort of guar­an­tees you will write very well (based on a sam­ple size of 2).

Indexing (Indexing, #1)


So many con­flict­ed feel­ings. Love the au­thor, love most of her book­s, love her world­build­ing... but don't re­al­ly love this one.

Lois Lane, Reporting

So, 9 years ago I wrote a post about how I would love a tool that took a JSON da­ta file, a Mako tem­plate, and gen­er­at­ed a re­port us­ing re­Struc­tured Tex­t.

If you don't like that, pre­tend it says YAM­L, Jin­ja2 and Mark­down. Any­way, same idea. Re­ports are not some crazy dif­fi­cult thing, un­less you have very de­mand­ing lay­out or need to add a ton of log­ic.

And hey, if you do need to add a ton of log­ic, you do know python, so how hard can it be to add the miss­ing bit­s?

Well, not very hard. So here it is, 9 years lat­er be­cause I am sit­ting at an au­di­to­ri­um and the guy giv­ing the talk is hav­ing com­put­er prob­lem­s.

Lois Lane Re­ports from PyP­I. and GitHub

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