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Zeroes (Zer0es, #1)

Cover for Zeroes (Zer0es, #1)


In­ter­est­ing. Slight­ly bet­ter on the tech­ni­cal side than most "hack­er" book­s, but some­how I did not get caught in it.

League of Dragons (Temeraire, #9)

Cover for League of Dragons (Temeraire, #9)


Bet­ter than the last few (less dra­con­ic whin­ing!), rea­son­able con­clu­sion to a se­ries that was about 3 books too long.

The Horns of Avalon (Purge of Babylon, #8)

Cover for The Horns of Avalon (Purge of Babylon, #8)


The se­ries is re­al­ly run­ning out of steam. OTO­H, the au­thor says the next one is the last one, and I will prob­a­bly read it since I have al­ready read a bazil­lion of these.

Zero's Return (The Legend of ZERO, #3)

Cover for Zero's Return (The Legend of ZERO, #3)


Sigh. The 1st book was too gory. The 2nd book was ad­ven­ture. The 3rd book is shame­less.

So, it starts with a twist, sets some things up, then wan­ders around for hun­dreds of pages do­ing noth­ing much, then ends with what amounts to ad­ver­tis­ing for a sec­ond tril­o­gy. Prob­a­bly not both­er­ing.

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