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Spell or High Water (Magic 2.0, #2)


Yes, white-­cis-geek wish ful­fill­ment fan­ta­sy yad­da yad­da yad­da.

It still is fun­ny, in­ter­est­ing, and a quick, en­ter­tain­ing read. Look­ing for­ward to the 3rd book if it ev­er hap­pen­s.

Tran (Janissaries, #2-3)


Pulpy just like Janis­saries, the 1st one in the se­ries. And then I read these (it's an om­nibus with the sec­ond and third books in the se­ries) and it turns out there's a mas­sive 4th book that has been post­poned al­most 20 years. So... boo.

I un­der­stand *why* Pour­nelle has not fin­ished it, it's just that I hate un­fin­ished se­ries, and this is not ex­act­ly ASOIAF ... Pour­nelle has been crazy pro­l­li­fic, he just nev­er fin­ished writ­ing this one book to close the se­ries.

What Makes This Book So Great


Read it be­cause I have be­come sort of a Wal­ton fan­boi, but re­al­ly, it's re­prints from her blog, it may be a bet­ter idea to just read that.

OTOH I now have more books in my to-read queue so ... thanks?

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