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Nikola v7 finally out!

I am th­ri­lled to an­noun­ce ver­sion 7 of Niko­la, a sta­tic si­te and blog ge­ne­ra­tor is ou­t, wi­th a ba­zi­llion fea­tu­res and bu­gfixes (see be­lo­w).

You can get it at all the usual pla­ce­s, and he­re's the re­lea­se an­noun­ce­ment

He­re's the new fea­tu­res, the bu­gfixes list would make the post too long :-)

  • Added UNS­LU­GI­FY_­TI­TLES op­tion for making ti­tles fe­tched via the fi­le­na­me re­gexp pre­ttier (Is­sue #1282)

  • New de­pen­den­cie­s: na­tsort (na­tu­ral sor­ting in ga­lle­rie­s) and da­teu­til (re­pla­ces py­tz)

  • Niko­­­la.­­co­­­m­­man­­ds are now the use­­r-­­frien­d­­ly wra­­ppers from co­n­­so­­­le (Is­­sue #1177)

  • Add a gi­thu­b_­de­ploy co­m­mand to de­ploy to Gi­tHub pa­ges (Is­sue #1208)

  • Re­­mo­­­ve tidy fi­l­­ter (it was bro­­ken due to tidy being an­­cien­­t) (Is­­sue #1164)

  • Added GE­NE­RA­TE_R­SS se­tting to allow di­sa­bling RSS in Niko­la (Is­sue #1236)

  • Li­nk lis­­tings raw sou­r­­ces if CO­­­P­­Y_­­SOU­R­­CES is True (Is­­sue #1214)

  • Mu­ch mo­re po­wer­ful niko­la plu­gin co­m­mand (Is­sue #1189)

  • Mo­­­re po­­we­r­­ful co­n­­so­­­le mo­­­de allo­­ws ac­­ce­ss to all niko­­­la co­­­m­­man­­ds (Is­­sue #830)

  • New `RO­BO­TS_EX­CLU­SION­S` op­tion lis­ting re­sour­ces to ex­clu­de from site­map and in­clu­de in new ge­ne­ra­ted /ro­bo­ts.­txt (Is­sue #804)

  • Ge­­ne­­ra­­te si­te­­ma­­pi­n­­dex co­n­­tai­­ning RSS and si­te­­map fi­­les (Is­­sue #804)

  • Su­­pport hooks in te­m­­pla­­tes, for use by plu­­gins (Is­­sue #896)

  • Use rea­d­­li­­ne if avai­­la­­ble (Is­­sue #1238)

  • Re­pla­ced REA­D_­MO­RE_­LI­NK wi­th IN­DEX_­REA­D_­MO­RE_­LI­NK and RSS_­REA­D_­MO­RE_­LI­NK (Is­sue #1222)

  • Added rea­­di­n­­g_­­ti­­me, re­­mai­­ni­n­­g_­­rea­­di­n­­g_­­ti­­me, pa­­ra­­gra­­ph_­­coun­­t, re­­mai­­ni­n­­g_­­pa­­ra­­gra­­ph_­­count tags for REA­­D_­­MO­­­RE_­­LI­NK (Is­­sue #1220)

  • Add ca­­no­­­ni­­cal li­nk in lis­­tings.

  • Added su­­pport for new me­­ta fi­­les that are the sa­­me fo­r­­mat as 1-­­fi­­le me­­ta­­da­­ta, allo­­wing for grea­­ter fle­­xi­­bi­­li­­ty (Is­­sue #954)

  • Co­­­lo­r­­box is now in­­te­r­­na­­tio­­­na­­li­­zed (Is­­sue #1205)

  • Added LO­­­GO­­_URL and SHO­­W_­­BLO­­­G_­­TI­­TLE=­­True se­­ttings to fa­­ci­­li­­ta­­te sho­­wing off lo­­­gos (Is­­sue #1122)

  • Crea­­te au­­to­­­ma­­tic sto­­­ry in­­dex pa­­ges for su­­bfo­l­­de­r­s, too (Is­­sue #793)

  • New Slo­­­vak tran­s­­la­­tion by To­­­máš Prékop

  • Created a Ma­­rk­­do­­w­­nEx­­ten­­sion plu­­gin cla­ss (Is­­sue #1175)

  • The ba­­se the­­me pro­­­du­­ces pro­­­pe­r­­ly se­c­­tio­­­ned and se­­man­­tic HT­­M­­L5 (Is­­sues #1123, #1137)

  • The ba­­se the­­me co­­­mes wi­­th a new sty­­lish look by de­­fault (Is­­sue #1137)

  • The ba­­se the­­me su­­ppo­r­­ts Ri­­gh­­t-­­to­­-­­Le­­ft by using ::­­di­­r(­r­­tl) CSS4 ru­­les and <h­t­­ml di­­r="­r­­tl"> tags whe­­re va­­lid (Is­­sue #1146)

  • Boots­­trap 2 up­­dated to 2.3.2 (via Is­­sue #1137)

  • Added FO­R­­CE_I­­SO­­8601 se­­tting that cu­­rren­­tly makes new_­­post use ISO 8601 da­­tes (via Is­­sue #1156)

  • Added su­­pport for TZ spe­­ci­­fied in post da­­te (Is­­sue #1118)

  • Make niko­la init ask about the si­te’s se­ttings (Is­sue #1080)

  • Use na­­tu­­ral so­r­­ting for fi­­les and fo­l­­ders list in lis­­tings and ga­­lle­­ries (Is­­sue #1144)

  • Added in­­va­­rian­­ce tes­­ting (Is­­sue #672)

  • Plu­­gins can in­­ject te­m­­pla­­tes in the sys­­tem (Is­­sue #1139)

  • niko­la im­por­t_wor­dpress now has a --­­q­­tran­s­­la­­te op­tio­n, to par­se pos­ts in the qtrans­la­te wor­dpress plu­gin for­mat and turn them in­to mul­ti­lin­gual Niko­la pos­ts (Is­sue #1072)

  • niko­la con­so­le allo­ws for in­ter­pre­ter choi­ce via -b, -i, -p; mo­reo­ve­r, su­pport for bp­y­thon is not de­pre­ca­ted an­y­mo­re (Is­sue #1126)

  • re­ti­red tag for pos­ts has been re­pla­ced wi­th pri­va­te (via Is­sue #686)

  • Chan­­ged the de­­fault TRAN­S­­LA­­TIO­N­S_­­PA­­TTERN to "{­­pa­­th}.{­­lan­­g}.{ex­­t}". (Is­­sues #990, #829)

  • Ba­­ckwa­r­­ds co­m­­pa­­ti­­bi­­li­­ty wi­­th v5 is bro­­ken. Added ba­­ckwa­r­­d­s-i­n­­co­m­­pa­­ti­­ble chan­­ges. (Is­­sue #829)

  • Added a CON­TEN­T_­FOOTE­R_­FOR­MA­TS con­fig op­tio­n. It is us­ed to for­mat the CON­TEN­T_­FOOTER va­ria­ble pro­per­l­y, for com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty wi­th the Trans­la­ta­ble Se­ttings fea­tu­re. The va­ria­ble takes a dic­t, the ke­ys of whi­ch are lan­gua­ges, and va­lues are (args, kwargs). (Is­sue #1112)

  • Ce­r­­tain se­­ttings are now tran­s­­la­­ta­­ble. As of no­­w, the se­­ttings are: BLO­­­G_AU­­THO­­­R, BLO­­­G_­­TI­­TLE, BLO­­­G_­­DES­­CRI­P­­TIO­­N, LI­­CEN­SE, CO­N­­TEN­­T_­­FOOTE­­R, SO­­­CIA­­L_­­BU­­TTO­N­S_­­CO­­­DE, SEA­R­­CH_­­FO­R­­M, BO­D­­Y_EN­­D, EX­­TRA_HEA­­D_­­DA­­TA, NA­­VI­­GA­­TIO­­N_­­LI­NKS, REA­­D_­­MO­­­RE_­­LI­NK (the up-­­to­­-­­da­­te list is avai­­la­­ble in SI­­TE.­­TRAN­S­­LA­­TA­­BLE_SE­­TTINGS) (Is­­sues #851, #1057, #1061, #1112)

  • New Po­s­­­­tho­­­r() re­­turns me­­ta 'au­­tho­­­r' or BLO­­­G_AU­­THOR (Is­­sue #1117)

  • Ship ba­se-­­ji­n­­ja, boots­­tra­­p-­­ji­n­­ja, boots­­tra­­p3-­­ji­n­­ja wi­­th Niko­­­la (Is­­sue #1104)


  • Re­­mo­­­ve old me­ss­a­ges le­­ft over for ba­­ckwa­r­­ds co­m­­pa­­ti­­bi­­li­­ty: (Is­­sues #829, #1105)

    • "Mo­­­­­re po­­s­­­ts abou­­­t", re­­­pla­­­ced by "Mo­­­­­re po­­s­­­ts about %s"

    • "Po­­s­­­te­­­d", re­­­pla­­­ced by "Po­­s­­­te­­­d:"

    • "A­­l­­­so avai­­­la­­­ble in", re­­­pla­­­ced by "A­­l­­­so avai­­­la­­­ble in:"

  • Re­­mo­­­ve old "s­­l_­­SI", "tr_­­TR" lo­­­ca­­le alia­­ses (u­­se "s­­l" and "tr") (Is­­sue #829, #1105)

  • New op­­tion RSS_­­PLAIN to op­­tio­­­na­­lly strip HT­­ML from RSS fee­­ds (Is­­sue #1107)

  • Su­­pport co­n­­tent key in co­m­­pi­­le­r­s' crea­­te_­­post (Is­­sue #1098)

  • Use se­tup­tool­s’ ex­tras fea­tu­re. Use pip ins­ta­ll niko­la[ex­tra­s] to ins­ta­ll Niko­la wi­th ex­tras (re­­qui­­re­­men­­ts-ex­­tra­s.­­txt, for­mer­ly re­­qui­­re­­men­­ts-­­fu­­ll.­­txt -- no­te the na­me chan­ge!) (Is­sue #1089)

Soon I Will Be Invincible

Cover for Soon I Will Be Invincible


If you read the re­views, you'll no­tice this is a po­lar­iz­ing book, hon­our usu­al­ly re­served for first-per­son nar­ra­tives ex­plain­ing Je­sus ac­tu­al­ly was a whore­mong­ing alien, or some­thing. OTO­H, I am giv­ing it 4 stars, most­ly for two rea­son­s.

One, is, I re­al­ly did like it. It's fun­ni­ly writ­ten, and it shows love for genre. It at least *tries* to make the uni­verse make some sense, which is some­thing su­per­hero sto­ries hard­ly ev­er do.

And two, be­cause there's a pedan­tic re­view that bash­es the book for ac­cu­rate­ly quot­ing Archimedes, be­cause the re­view writ­er ap­par­ent­ly has not read as much as he thinks, and I love con­tra­dict­ing such peo­ple.

The Nelson Touch (Ark Royal, #2)

Cover for The Nelson Touch (Ark Royal, #2)


While "Ark Roy­al" was a some­what pre­dictable, old fash­ioned navies-in-s­pace book with some bad vibes from the au­thor leak­ing out, this book is sort of dis­gust­ing.

Let me give you the short ver­sion:

Ev­ery wom­an is a shrew. Ex­cept those who are sexy and/or sub­mis­sive. Jour­nal­ists are the low­est of the low. Mil­i­tary men are awe­some. Ex­po­si­tion is a must. Aliens are a mis­tery. Di­a­log is clunky. Aliens will mag­i­cal­ly de­vel­op or not de­vel­op what­ev­er abil­i­ty or tac­tic the au­thor needs at any giv­en point in the sto­ry. Char­ac­ter de­vel­op­ment con­sists on as­sign­ing a char­ac­ter­is­tic to a name. This one is a for­mer drunk. This one fuck­s. This one is a pi­lot. That one is a wom­an. This one nags. That oth­er one is an­oth­er wom­an, and what do you mean you can't tell her apart from the pre­vi­ous one? She has a name!

De­press­ing­ly bad, and ug­ly.

Will not read the rest of the se­ries, which the au­thor is threat­en­ing to split in­to an­oth­er book hap­pen­ing at the same time as this one.

Ark Royal (Ark Royal, #1)

Cover for Ark Royal (Ark Royal, #1)


Old fash­ioned to the ex­treme. The book shows glimpses of mis­oginy and gen­er­al mil­i­taris­tic fetichism in the au­thor that get even more ex­treme in the sec­ond book of the se­ries. The alien race is nev­er de­vel­oped in any mean­ing­ful way, and their ac­tions are con­trived so that the plot will forced­ly march where the au­thor wants it to go.

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