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Nikola is now more compatible with Sphinx

So­me­ti­me­s, you need to use the sa­me text in mo­re than one pla­ce. For exam­ple, you may want to use frag­men­ts of your so­ftwa­re ma­nuals in your so­ftwa­re's si­te.

If you are part of the Py­tho­n-­ver­se then it's like­ly that your do­cs are wri­tten using Sphi­nx. Ǹiko­la and Sphi­nx sha­re roots in reS­truc­tu­re­dText so they are al­ready com­pa­ti­ble in many im­por­tant wa­ys.

Ho­we­ve­r, Sphi­nx adds a who­le bun­ch of ex­ten­sions to reS­truc­tu­re­dText and Sphi­nx users use the­m. So, wha­t's a dev to do? He'­ll wri­te co­de. So I wro­te a niko­la plu­gin whi­ch adds su­pport for a lar­ge chunk of the Sphi­n­x-s­pe­ci­fic ma­rku­p.

How big a chunk? Qui­te big sin­ce it adds su­pport for over 35 ex­ten­sion­s, ro­les and di­rec­ti­ves (no, toc­tree is not one of them ye­t).

This wa­y, you may be able to en­joy a good do­cu­men­ta­tio­n-s­pe­ci­fic tool and a (if I may say so mysel­f) good web­si­te tool from co­m­mon sour­ce­s.


Preview of Nikola Webapp

I ha­ve al­ready ma­de a few attemp­ts at tur­ning Niko­la, a sta­tic si­te and blog ge­ne­ra­tor in­to a we­ba­pp, wi­th va­ried suc­ce­ss. One of the bi­gger pro­ble­ms wa­s, I thi­nk, one of sca­le. I was thi­nking of so­me­thing to re­pla­ce http://wor­dpress.­com ... so­me­thing whe­re eve­r­yo­ne could host his own blog in ve­ry low cost in­fras­truc­tu­re.

But then agai­n... why not try to re­pla­ce all tho­se se­l­f-hos­ted wor­dpress ins­tan­ces out the­re? So, he­re's the we­ba­pp plu­gi­n!

It's ve­ry ear­ly sta­ges, no su­pport for pa­ges, on­ly su­ppor­ts ma­rk­do­wn, no con­fi­gu­ra­tion chan­ges, and you can't even rea­lly de­le­te things. But he­y, you can pos­t, whi­ch is 95% of the usage this wi­ll ge­t.

UP­DA­TE: if you are run­ning Niko­la from gi­thub mas­te­r, you can ins­ta­ll this using the plu­gins re­po: http://­plu­gin­s.­ge­tniko­la.­co­m/#we­ba­pp and it su­ppor­ts a lot mo­re than on the vi­deo abo­ve.

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