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Heretic (Templar Chronicles, #1)

Cover for Heretic (Templar Chronicles, #1)


Not my cup of tea. Ba­si­cal­ly the pro­tag­o­nist is a su­per sol­dier tem­plar knight with mag­i­cal pow­ers fight­ing for a catholic se­cret army.

The sole idea of such a thing makes me sick, so hav­ing him as the "hero" in a book is not my idea of fun.

Lots of ac­tion, and not bad­ly writ­ten, so I am sure some peo­ple will like it.

Missing Signals (The Diaspora Trilogy, #2)

Cover for Missing Signals (The Diaspora Trilogy, #2)


Got this as part of the Sto­ry Bun­dle.

This is a se­quel to John Gone. While I found that first book dis­con­cert­ing­ly ni­hilis­tic, this one is dis­con­cert­ing­ly amus­ing. Strange things hap­pen for no rea­son, and it takes place in some sort of par­al­lel di­men­sion where teenagers can go to Vladi­vos­tok by train with­out pass­port­s.

Al­so, the rules that con­trol the tele­por­ta­tion de­vice seem to change ev­ery once in a while, and some things are just nev­er ex­plained. Fi­nal­ly, the au­thor seems to have no idea what­so­ev­er about how com­put­er net­works work (the thing with the sig­nals is ba­si­cal­ly Star Trek: Voy­ager lev­el tech­nob­a­b­ble, ex­cept it's about tech­nol­o­gy that's 50 years old al­ready).

In any case, liked it bet­ter than John Gone, I would give it maybe 2.5 stars.

While I am not re­al­ly a big fan of these book­s, I de­cid­ed to buy the 3rd, "Com­pa­ny Men" be­cause I want to see what hap­pens nex­t.

John Gone (The Diaspora Trilogy, #1)

Cover for John Gone (The Diaspora Trilogy, #1)


Got this as part of the sto­ry bun­dle. It was an in­ter­est­ing book. I found its at­ti­tude to­wards some of the things that hap­pen some­what both­er­some.

Some peo­ple have de­scribed it as a YA nov­el, but while the pro­tag­o­nist is a teenager, the things he's in­volved in are a bit too dark, and the at­ti­tude a bit too ni­hilis­tic that I would not be com­fort­able giv­ing it to a young teen.

I liked the se­quel bet­ter.

Cuando Sea Grande

Es­te sá­ba­do cum­plo 41 (no, no ha­go fies­ta, no es que no te in­vi­té), y creo que lle­gó el mo­men­to de de­ci­dir que voy a ser cuan­do sea gran­de.

Mi pro­ble­ma prin­ci­pal pa­ra de­ci­dir un te­ma tan cru­cial an­tes de hoy es que me in­te­re­san mu­chas co­sas. Y las que no me in­te­re­san... sos­pe­cho que si le pu­sie­ra un po­co de ga­nas me in­te­re­sa­rían.

Pe­ro peo­r, ten­go esa con­vic­ción in­ter­na, to­tal­men­te injus­ti­fi­ca­da de que si me pon­go, pue­do más o me­nos ha­cer ca­si cual­quier co­sa que no in­vo­lu­cre una ap­ti­tud fí­si­ca es­pe­cí­fi­ca.

O sea, no, nun­ca voy a ser po­wer fo­rward en la NBA, ni tria­tlo­nis­ta, ni equi­li­bris­ta, ni nin­ja. Pe­ro­... sos­pe­cho que po­dría ser un gui­ta­rris­ta me­dio­cre, o un poe­ta me­dio pe­lo, un es­cri­tor ade­cua­do, o un ra­zo­na­ble pe­lu­que­ro, por no de­cir un com­pe­ten­te pa­leon­tó­lo­go, un in­te­re­san­te di­rec­tor de ci­ne, un ac­tor pro­me­dio, un in­te­re­san­te ana­lis­ta po­lí­ti­co, o un buen ta­xis­ta.

Esa sos­pe­cha es in­fun­da­da da­do mi de­sin­te­rés en la po­lí­ti­ca, poesía, de­ta­lles de có­mo se to­ca la gui­ta­rra, y no sa­ber ma­ne­ja­r, en­tre otras co­sas.

Así que du­ran­te los pr­óxi­mos diez año­s, mien­tras me voy ha­cien­do gran­de, me voy a con­cen­trar en co­sas que ya sé ha­ce­r, co­mo­... epa. Lo char­la­mos el año que vie­ne.

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