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Ok, so I am a compulsive mess.

Since I found how to make the ar­ti­cles keep the nice links to the com­ment pages, I just _HAD_ to fix all the pre­vi­ous ar­ti­cles so they do that.

I am sure there is some tem­plate some­where that does that, but... well, I did­n't find it.

But it was nec­es­sary, be­cause I want that if some­one runs in­to any of the old things in the fu­ture, he can find the com­ments about it.

Of course all the ar­ti­cles have more ed­its than com­ments right now, but that may change some­day ;-)

Small correction in the CIPE article

If you are in­stalling CIPE on Red Hat (and pos­si­bly oth­er dis­tri­bu­tion­s), you need to re­move the cipcb ker­nel mod­ule that comes with the dis­tro's stan­dard ker­nel, since it will mis­match your new CIPE's ver­sion.

Referrers fun

The CIPE article was accepted by linuxtoday, and it got some readership. So far, the comments are good.

And both the CIPE and Squid/POP ar­ti­cles got men­tioned by open­ There is a com­ment in the Squid one. I can on­ly un­der­stand LDAP in it, even af­ter ba­belfish­ing it. Hope­ful­ly it does­n't say "Y­ou should use LDAP, doo­fus", be­cause I know it's most­ly true ;-)

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