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My Internet connection is very flaky right now (damn you, Velocom!), so working in KRsN is just no fun.

There­fore, I di­vert­ed some of the pro­gram­ming en­er­gy to­wards an old pro­jec­t, called Uqbar.

You can see a cou­ple of screen­shots here

Moving to SQLite

The python shelve mod­ule is too lim­it­ing for the data­base needs of KRsN, so I'm mov­ing it to SQLite and PySQLite.

While this adds an­oth­er de­pen­den­cy, it's a small one, and the cod­ing be­comes way sim­pler. So, I'm do­ing it, be­cause fight­ing against the tools is fool­ish, and shelve was not do­ing it with­out a fight :-)

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