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Siberian Light

Cover for Siberian Light


I sus­pect rus­sians would find this book in­cred­i­bly of­fen­sive. On the oth­er hand, I just find it im­plau­si­ble. I man­aged to sus­pend dis­be­lief, but it was not easy!

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Cover for Tomorrow and Tomorrow


This is in many ways an awe­some book. It is not a book I can like, but I can look at it and say, that is one heck of an idea, and the au­thor sure does work it!

The writ­ing is some­how cold, and the main char­ac­ter's ob­ses­sion with his dead wife seems to me more ob­ses­sion than pas­sion. When Par Leon of­fers to "fix him"... well, it seems to me that he *did* need fix­ing.

Reporte de avances en rst2pdf

Al fi­nal de es­te post vas a en­con­trar una lis­ta (tal vez in­com­ple­ta), pe­ro que­ría com­par­tir un par de avan­ces re­la­ti­va­men­te gran­de­s.


Ven­go que­rien­do ha­cer que rs­t2­pdf sea útil pa­ra pre­sen­ta­cio­nes des­de ha­ce bas­tan­te tiem­po. Y se es­tá acer­can­do.

Es­toy es­cri­bien­do un pe­que­ño tu­to­rial del te­ma, pe­ro ya se pue­de ver una de­mo.

Los cam­bios que la han he­cho po­si­ble so­n:

  • Arre­­glé bugs en el la­­yout de la pá­­gi­­na

  • Agre­­gué so­­­po­r­­te pa­­ra fo­n­­dos de pá­­gi­­na (i­n­­clu­­yen­­do SV­­G!)

Es­to es en gran me­di­da gra­cias a que`­Cé­sar Ro­da­s`_ que­ría usar al­go sim­ple y ba­sa­do en tex­to pa­ra su pre­sen­ta­ción a Zen­dCo­n, me pre­gun­tó y me da­ba ver­güen­za dar­le una co­sa que no fun­cio­na­ba.

Ven co­mo fun­cio­na? Me ma­ne­ja la ver­güen­za. Que ver­güen­za.

Gran­des me­jo­ras en es­ti­los

Los cam­bios re­la­cio­na­dos son mu­chí­si­mos (ver aba­jo­), pe­ro tam­bién fué por un mo­ti­vo: quie­ro ha­cer do­cu­men­tos más lin­do­s.

En­ton­ce­s, ya que a mu­cha gen­te pa­re­ce gus­tar­le es es­ti­lo de Sphi­n­x, qui­se ha­cer uno si­mi­la­r.

Lo lo­gré? Si y no, mi­ren:


Igual eso es só­lo un bo­rra­do­r, no mi­ré los fon­ts, ni el pe­so de los en­ca­be­za­do­s, ni si­quie­ra que es­que­ma de co­lo­res usa pa­ra el có­di­go.

De to­das ma­ne­ra­s, aún es­te sty­les­heet mí­ni­mo me hi­zo en­con­trar una do­ce­na de bugs y pro­ble­mas en rs­t2­pdf.

Mo­ra­le­ja: por fa­vor dí­gan­me que pue­den y qué no pue­den ha­cer con rs­t2­pdf por­que hay áreas que ni mi­ro!

Lo úl­ti­mo es... el pr­óxi­mo re­lea­se va a es­tar bue­ní­si­mo. Pe­ro siem­pre di­go lo mis­mo, no?

Cam­bios has­ta ho­y:

  • Wo­­­rka­­round for is­­sue 103 so you can use bo­r­­de­r­­Pa­­dding as a list (but it wi­­ll look wrong if you are using wo­r­­da­­xe <= 0.3.2)

  • Added fie­l­­d­­va­­lue sty­­le for field lis­­ts

  • Added op­­tio­n­­list ts­­ty­­le, for op­­tion lis­­ts

  • Added co­­­lle­c­­tion of uti­­li­­ty sty­­le­s­hee­­ts and do­­­cu­­men­ted it

  • Im­­pro­­­ved co­­­m­­mand li­­ne pa­r­­sing and sty­­le­s­heet loading (guess ex­­ten­­sion like la­­test rs­­t2­­la­­tex does)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 67: co­m­­ple­­te­­ly new list la­­you­­ting co­­­de

  • Fixed Is­­sue 116: cra­s­hes cau­s­ed by hu­­ge ima­­ges

  • Be­­­tter su­­pport for %wi­­dth in ima­­ges, n2ow it's % of the co­n­­tai­­ner fra­­me's wi­­dth, not of the text area.

  • Fixed bug in SVG sca­­ling

  • Be­­­tter han­d­­ling of mis­­sing ima­­ges

  • Added mis­­sing sty­­les abs­­tra­c­­t, co­n­­ten­­ts, de­­di­­ca­­tion to the de­­fault sty­­le­s­heet

  • Ta­­bles sty­­le su­­pport spa­­ce­­Be­­­fo­­­re and spa­­ceA­­fter

  • New to­­­pi­­c-­­ti­­tle sty­­le for to­­­pic ti­­tles (o­b­­vious ;-)

  • Ve­r­­ti­­cal ali­g­n­­ment for in­­li­­ne ima­­ges (:­a­­li­g­n: pa­­ra­­me­­te­­r)

  • Is­­sue 118: Su­­pport for :s­­ca­­le: in ima­­ges and han­d­­le re­­si­­zing of in­­li­­ne ima­­ges

  • Is­­sue 119: Fix pla­­ce­­ment of hea­­ders and footers

  • New ba­­ck­­ground pro­­­pe­r­­ty for pa­­ge te­m­­pla­­tes (ni­­ce for pre­sen­­ta­­tio­n­s, for exa­m­­ple)

  • De­­fault to px for ima­­ge wi­­dth spe­­ci­­fi­­ca­­tions in­s­­tead of pt

  • Su­­pport all re­­qui­­red mea­­su­­re­­ment uni­­ts ("e­­m" "ex" "px" "i­n" "cm" "m­­m" "p­­t" "p­­c" "%" "")

  • New au­­to­­­mated scri­p­­ts to che­­ck test ca­­ses for "vi­­sual di­­ffe­­ren­­ce­s"

  • Res­­pect ima­­ges DPI pro­­­pe­r­­ty a bit like rs­­t2­­la­­tex does.

  • Is­­sue 110: New --i­n­­li­­ne-­­footno­­­tes op­­tion

  • Tes­ted wi­­th re­­po­r­­tlab from SVN trunk

  • Su­­pport for Di­­nu Ghe­r­­man's sv­­gli­­b. If bo­­­th sv­­glib and uni­­co­n­­ve­r­­tor are avai­­la­­ble, sv­­glib is pre­­fe­­rred (for SV­­G, of cou­r­se). Pa­­tch ori­­gi­­na­­lly by ru­­te.

  • Is­­sue 109: Se­­pa­­ra­­te sty­­les for ea­­ch kind of ad­­mo­­­ni­­tion

  • For Is­­sue 109: mis­­sing sty­­les are not a fa­­tal error

  • Is­­sue 117: TO­­­Cs wi­­th mo­­­re than 6 le­­vels now su­­pported (rai­s­ed li­­mit to 9, whi­­ch is si­­lly dee­­p)

Lord of Light

Cover for Lord of Light


Just awe­some. Some may say the or­ga­ni­za­tion is too dif­fi­cult, with the mid­dle part be­ing 50 years pre­vi­ous the oth­er two.

That is non­sense, it's just a book that asks you to work a bit. You won't kill your­self try­ing.

One of my favourite book­s.

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