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Sisters of Glass


Noirish sci­fi is a weak­ness of myne. This fits pret­ty well with that de­scrip­tion, and I en­joyed it very much.

The Stars at War II (Starfire, #1,4)


The first three quartes of the book are strict­ly a con­tin­u­a­tion of the end of The Stars at War. They are dreck. The fi­nal quar­ter, an in­de­pen­dent sto­ry, is much, much bet­ter.


If you read this blog on the web­site (and you do, be­cause my feed is garbage ;-) you may have no­ticed a goodread­s.­com wid­get on the right.

It's not that my read­ing habits are in­ter­est­ing to any­one, since I have be­come a very shal­low read­er in the last two years or so (a ter­ri­ble, ter­ri­ble in­vo­lu­tion caused by all the free sci­fi ebooks float­ing around), but I love that site. In the past I post­ed some book-re­lat­ed stuff here, but it was al­ways sort of guilty about it, post­ing things my read­ers (few as they are) prob­a­bly don't give a damn about.

With goodread­s, I have a way to vent my shal­low opin­ion about my shal­low read­ings. I need the same thing for movies.

Al­so, it's a much more rea­son­able thing than all that "now lis­ten­ing" idea. Who care what you are lis­ten­ing? It lasts for 3 min­utes! A book is some­thing you have in your head for at least a cou­ple of days! It is so much more mean­ing­ful.

rst2pdf: presentations

I have been think­ing about us­ing rst2pdf to cre­ate pre­sen­ta­tion­s. I fin­ished ex­pos­ing PDF tran­si­tions to­day, and that part works nice­ly.

Still need­ed:

  • Some sort of "page dec­o­ra­­tion" fea­­ture.

  • Hand­out sup­­port? I think this would work nice­­ly with some sort of "con­di­­tion­al" di­rec­­tive. I need to think about it some more.

I in­tend to have that done for next fri­day, and re­lease then.

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