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Wine kinda works nowadays

I had stopped try­ing to run stuff in WINE a few years ago,be­cause pret­ty much noth­ing worked.

You know what? They areright about ap­proach­ing 1.0, I had to try a few win­dowsy things late­ly, and each one has worked just fine.

Ku­dos wine peo­ple!

PS: can you make the wid­gets look less ug­ly, though? I heard ru­mours of a them­ing en­gine, but have no clue as to where one would look. Even some­thing like GTK's clear­looks would be bear­able.

My first impressions of Google App Engine

Since I got my in­vi­ta­tion and am tired of Haloscan not be­ing reach­able from home (not their fault, prob­a­bly), I de­cid­ed that my first project would be a com­ment host­ing ap­p.

In oth­er word­s, some­thing a bit HaloScan-­like.

Since I have very lim­it­ed re­sources, it will prob­a­bly not be use­ful for many peo­ple, but I am learn­ing about App En­gine, and at the same time prob­a­bly mak­ing my blog a wee bit more com­fort­able.

Some ran­dom thought­s:

  • Can I put Google ads in app en­gine ap­p­s?

  • Does any­one else need this kind of ap­p? I in­­­tend to make it open, so any­one can reg­is­ter its blog in it and use it. 500MB (the max DB size) are a lot of com­­ments. Like a mil­lion of them.

  • I in­­­tend to use Ya­hoo's YUI RTE for ed­it­ing. So my app will be host­ed in Ya­hoo and Google. Cool :-D

  • It's ba­si­­cal­­ly just Djan­­go. Sure, no UNIQUE, no CRUD (ok, there is Google's, which is kin­­da lame... hire one of the Djan­­go guys and mke him work on it ;-), but it's the same thing, give or take a few bytes, spe­­cial­­ly us­ing djan­­go­­for­m­s.

  • we­bapp is... ok, it's rather ug­­ly. Rout­ing the re­quests is an­noy­ing, you can't do things like pass­ing parts of the URL as pa­ram­e­ter­s...

  • The User/­­Data­S­­tore APIs are ok, they feel a bit lim­it­ed but they have a lot of scope in oth­­er ways (as in, there are a few mil­lion reg­is­tered users and many TB of da­­ta stored ;-)

All things con­sid­ered, a nice thing to use, spe­cial­ly at the cost.

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Becoming organized

I am try­ing to be­come more or­ga­nized in my work. And it seems to be work­ing.

Things I do/no­tice/try now:

  1. There is a tick­­et­ing sys­tem. Use it.

    Re­al­­ly, there is no rea­­son not to. If the cus­­tomer says cre­at­ing tick­­ets is an­noy­ing/­bor­ing/what­ev­er, I do them my­­self.

    It takes very lit­­tle time and it lets me see/de­scribe what I do/­­did in the day. Then, take what's in the tick­­et, clean it up, and...

  2. There is a wi­k­i. Use it.

    Doc­u­­ment ev­ery thing I do. No "this is just a lit­­tle thing". There are no lit­­tle things. If it was so lit­tle, I would­n't have to do it. Put ev­ery­thing in the doc­s. The client needs it. I need it.

  3. There is an email. Use it.

    I got an email. Then ei­ther it's some­thing that's bro­ken (cre­ate a tick­­et), or some­thing that needs ex­­plain­ing (cre­ate/re­fer a doc), or some­thing that needs do­ing (cre­ate a todo), or a meet­ing (put it in the phone), or a a piece of da­­ta I need to re­mem­ber (archive it, mair­ix will find it when I need it). I have had an in­­box with no mail in it for three days, and it's quite lib­er­at­ing.

  4. The phone is the first PDA that ac­­tu­al­­ly work­s.

    I nev­er man­aged to use desk­­top PIM suites or PDAs. I do keep my ap­­point­­ments on the phone. I al­ways have my phone with me. I lis­ten to it when I have an alar­m. I can't say the same thing about the note­­book, or about any PDA I owned. And it's a cheap phone. Us­ing a smart­­phone makes no sense. I lose the things. Now I can sync it via blue­­tooth, too! I still use a Sony CLIE to read ebook­s, though.

  5. I like Hive­­Min­der.

    It's to­­do lists I can ac­­tu­al­­ly use. Done? Click, gone. New task? Fill a line and it's there, tagged, grouped, dat­ed, pri­or­i­­tized. Want to do it from the CLI? Yup. I do need to write a Trac plug­in that con­verts my tick­­ets in­­­to to­­dos, though.

    Sure, I don't have it with me all the time (maybe sync it with my phone's to­­do list is pos­si­ble some­how...) but I just need to do one full task re­view a day, add tasks when I'm on a com­put­er, close tasks at the end of the day or while work­ing.

  6. Read email/news on fixed time pe­ri­od­s.

    I can't fo­­cus on work­ing for over one hour non­stop. So I stop ev­ery hour for 10 min­utes of news, and 5 min­utes of mail (which is still work­ing any­way, since I need to know about stuff). No mail app run­n­ing in the mean­­time. If it's ur­­gen­t, they have my phone num­ber. If they don't, it's not ur­­gen­t.

It is mak­ing a dif­fer­ence, I am be­com­ing more pro­duc­tive with­out spend­ing more hours at it, which was my pre­vi­ous "s­trat­e­gy".

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