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It goes back to the last millenium....

I im­port­ed my old ad­voga­to di­ary so now this blog goes back to 2000/1/17 17:19:57.

For some rea­son I did­n't blog any­thing in 2002, though.

Son of bartleblog XI: the highlight of the syntax

I had a few min­utes wait­ing for yum to do its thing and added a cou­ple of easy fea­tures:


The Sil­verCi­ty-based code-block syn­tax high­light­ing di­rec­tive was re­placed with a ver­sion us­ing Pyg­ment which sup­ports more lan­guages and is (I think) nicer look­ing... and comes with sev­er­al styles, as you can see above in the con­fig­u­ra­tion di­a­log.

Oth­er than that, I added sup­port in the back­end to:

  • Re­­gen­er­ate HTML from RST ev­ery­where

  • Do the same on­­ly on items marked "dirty"

  • A mod­­el thingie that shows if there are posts or sto­ries with RST er­rors

  • Some GUI love

I need to make the con­fig di­a­log sup­port more than one gad­get at the same time, though ;-)

Son of BartleBog X: Lots of small things are a big thing

  • I did the tag ed­i­­tor:


The "Guess Tags" but­ton in the com­pos­er us­es the "Mag­ic word­s" de­fined for each tag to give you a start­ing set, which you can ed­it lat­er. Still has a few im­ple­men­ta­tion is­sues (thus the tagless­ness of this post) but it's al­most there.

  • Us­ing HTMLTidy I made all the HTML val­i­­date (as tran­si­­tion­al, at least­­).

  • Us­ing browser­­cam I made sure this page works on ev­ery de­­cent brows­er (it looks bad on IE 4.0, and Net­s­cape 6):


There is a nasty prob­lem with IE and JavaScrip­t, where if you have a <scrip­t> that does some spe­cif­ic things in­side of a <di­v> it tends to give a weird "Op­er­a­tion abort­ed" di­a­log af­ter show­ing part of the page, and then delete what you were se­ing. That is a known, con­firmed bug, and has been there for three ma­jor ver­sions al­ready.

  • Added a feed­Box wid­get that can dis­­­play as a side­bar any feed that us­es Feed­Burn­er's Buz­z­­Boost (see "Lat­est com­­ments" on the side­bar).

I am now toy­ing with us­ing Feed­Burn­er's API to (op­tion­al­ly) au­to­mat­i­cal­ly pub­lish all the RSS feeds Bartle­Blog gen­er­ates there, thus mak­ing this kind of thing more trans­par­en­t.

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