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Advogato post for 2000-08-02 14:06:01

Wow, I'm tired :-P

Gave a "lec­ture" last night at the UP (U­ni­ver­si­dad de Paler­mo), the usu­al "In­tro­duc­tion to Lin­ux" one.

Things were not as smooth as one would wan­t, though.

First, I broke kp­re­sen­ter, and (dum­b) had no starof­fice ver­sion of the slides. I could have rewrit­ten them right there... if I had a mon­i­tor!

Then we got there, and in­stead of the usu­al lar­gish class­room, there we were, in a freak­ing the­ater :-)

We were moved, be­cause the signed-in ex­ceed­ed the class­room's ca­pac­i­ty! So: 160 seat­s. Stage. Podi­um. Manda­to­ry mic. 80 peo­ple in at­ten­dance (give or take 10).

And the com­put­er lodged in a pro­jec­tion room, 20 me­ters away from me, and one floor high­er!

So, I would­n't have been able to con­trol the slides any­way, be­cause this place needs two to make the speech/s­lide thing work right.

The ac­tu­al speak­ing was not too bad, I think, al­though with­out the help of the slides I tend to get more dis­or­ga­nized. I for­got to men­tion a cou­ple of things, too.

And since the com­put­er was un­us­able, I could not show the sys­tem in ac­tion, so it turned out to be some 15 min­utes short­er than ex­pect­ed.

The ques­tions sec­tion was ok-ish. Not too long, but those who asked seemed clue­ful, and the ques­tions were fair­ly in­ter­est­ing.

One fun­ny thing: ap­par­ent­ly some as­sist­ed be­cause they be­lieved it was about some­thing else. Al­most noone left, though, and one of the or­ga­niz­ers said some­one said "I want­ed some­thing else, but now I know what lin­ux is" ;-)

Advogato post for 2000-07-31 16:38:18

Well, KDE Beta 3 is working quite nicely, and I'm now finally confident that I can actually code for it.

So, it's time to go crazy, get a com­put­er, and re­do KRN.

This time, us­ing li­br­m­m, my mail stor­age thing, and the KDE I/O stuff, plus XML­GUI, and per­haps an ex­port­ed DCOP in­ter­face.

It's gonna be fun :-)

Advogato post for 2000-07-25 21:10:58

I'm teaching a course on Linux Network Administration to trainers who will later teach it in Conectiva training centers. It's coming out nicely.

I had trou­ble do­ing it the first time I had to, but that's par for the course for me, I usu­al­ly suck at do­ing ANY­THING for the first time.

The "jor­na­da Lin­ux" in Rosario is close, so I bet­ter start crank­ing slides. Al­so some pre­sen­ta­tions on uni­ver­si­ties are com­ing, which are fun.

And well, not much else, re­al­ly.

Advogato post for 2000-07-21 20:23:30

I feel like shit. A woman has left the office crying today, and I don't feel what happened is right, although I have no official word on why it happened.

And even if it was right, I would still feel like shit.

You know, I'm start­ing to feel work­ing in the "re­al world" is not worth the trou­ble.

Advogato post for 2000-07-19 17:45:35

We had a "work breakfast" today with some 60 people where we presented our "corporate solutions". Now, am I becoming a droid?

It went well, I was even, ac­cord­ing to what I was told by peo­ple watch­ing, fair­ly good at it my­self (or maybe I in­spire kind­ness from strangers ;-)

In­ter­est was var­ied, and ev­ery one of us who spoke made at least one mis­take with our slides.

Ad­vice: I know it looks bet­ter if the bul­let items ap­pear each one with an ef­fect at your com­mand, it makes the thing more in­ter­est­ing... but it makes it hell if you by chance hap­pen to drop off the pre­sen­ta­tion, be­cause get­ting back to where you were takes min­utes :-)

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