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I'm getting one of these

One of these I mean.

Slight­ly old, but it can get a nice Qtopia set­up on the CF card. And, with a PC­Card->USB gad­get, I ex­pect it to be use­ful (wifi/ex­ter­nal disk/what­ev­er).

Used. Cheap. Should re­place my faith­ful Clie for ebook read­ing, and my heavy note­book for meet­ings. More if I can get a NX client in it :-)

ra-plugins 0.2.9 is coming closer

Ver­sion 0.2.9 of ra-­plu­g­in­s, my qmail-spp plug­in col­lec­tion is com­ing soon.

In­clud­ing lots and lots of new plu­g­in­s, a re­al build sys­tem, and even two patch­es by some­one else :-)

So, now is a good time to let me know if you are us­ing ra-­plu­g­in­s, if you have any prob­lems with it, and if you have any ideas for cool plug­ins. I can write them.

rst2rst gets tables!

My Re­struc­tured Text to Re­struc­tured Text con­vert­er can now han­dle ta­bles!

If you don't un­der­stand a word of what I just wrote... well, skip this. It's re­al­ly quite es­o­ter­ic.

I man­aged with­out lin­ear pro­gram­ming by the usu­al route: make it ug­ly but func­tion­al. Ba­si­cal­ly, I overdi­men­sion things bad­ly.

Here's the source table:

| f2,c1 | f2,c2 longer longer still |
|       +---------------------------+
| f3,c1 | 1. a                      |
| f3,c1 |                           |
| f3,c1 | 2. b                      |

Here's what rst2rst gen­er­ates:

|       |                           |
| f2,c1 | f2,c2 longer longer still |
|       |                           |
| f3,c1 |                           |
| f3,c1 |                           |
| f3,c1 |                           |
|       |                           |
|       +---------------------------+
|       |                           |
|       | 1. a                      |
|       |                           |
|       | 2. b                      |
|       |                           |

Se­ri­ous­ly non-op­ti­mal, but it is func­tion­al, un­til a braver soul im­proves the al­go­rith­m.

It can't han­dle ta­ble head­ers cor­rect­ly, but oth­er than that, it works just fine.

Up­date: It now sup­ports all the RST ta­ble syn­tax, AFAIK.

Veanme en CafeConf 2006! / See me at CafeConf 2006!

Co­mo to­dos los años, voy a dar una char­la en Cafe­Conf 2006, el tema de este año es "Boote­an­do más rápi­do y mejor us­an­do runit".

Si bus­can runit en este blog se van a en­ter­ar mas o menos de las mis­mas cosas, pero la char­la de­bería ser más pro­li­ja :-)

La primera per­sona que men­cione el nom­bre de este blog en la parte de pre­gun­tas y re­spues­tas se gana un re­ga­lo sor­pre­sa!

Like ev­ery year, I will be speak­ing at Cafe­Con­f, Sat. Nov 11. This year's top­ic is "Bot­ting faster and bet­ter us­ing runit".

If you look for runit in this blog, you will find out more or less the same things, but this should be more or­ga­nized.

The first guy to men­tion the blog in the Q&A ses­sion gets a sur­prise gift.

Dear readers, a question!

rst2rst was go­ing along just fine, but I have run in­to the re­al prob­lem: TA­BLES.

To re­fresh your meme­o­ry (if you know) or let you know any­way, RST is an ascii markup lan­guage. And it sup­ports ta­bles. Like this ex­am­ple:

|          |                      |
|          |            |         |
+----------+------------+         +
|                       |         |

The pars­er gives me a tree struc­ture:

row (en­try, en­try with morecol­s=1) row (en­try,en­try,en­try with morerows=1) row (en­try with morecol­s=1)

Now, each cell has a min­i­mum size set by its con­tents.

For ex­am­ple, a cell con­tain­ing "Hel­lo" has a min­i­mum size of 5x1 (wx­h).

It is a good idea to sur­round the con­tents with a blank row/­colum­n, so make that 7x3. I can fig­ure this out from the con­tents.

And here's the trick ques­tion... any­one knows an al­go­rithm to do this that is not in­cred­i­bly dif­fi­cult? Or, if it is in­cred­i­bly dif­fi­cult, care to help me? ;-)

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