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2008-02-18 10:06

Presentaciones en modo texto

He visto varios posts en planet KDE sobre herramientas de presentación basadas en texto (1 , 2 , 3 ) y mientras sus soluciones son probablemente todas mejores que la mía, tengo que decir que hice algo en esa area hace casi un año.

Ya que me gusta el restructured text y PyQt, está basado en eso, pero se puede usar con vi y una wyse60.

Mi proyecto se llama Tobogan y se puede descargar, y funciona hasta cierto punto.

Tiene una interface gráfica, pero ignorémosla en este mensaje acerca de software en modo texto ;-) y mostremos el texto que tiene atrás.

Why use Tobogan

(If you are a nerd)

:transitions: from_left,to_left,from_top,to_top,from_right,to_right,to_bottom,fade_out

It's nerd-oriented

It's trivial to display source code, with
proper syntax highlighting.

.. code-block:: python

    from base64 import *
    def myFirstFunction():
          print b64decode ('YnllIHdvcmxkIQ==')

Even for things like shell sessions.
Dammit, I am a nerd, I will try to add every nerd
feature I deem cool.

It does things simply

This is a subtitle?

Wanna show a flickr photo?

.. code-block:: rst

    .. flickr:: myPhotoTitle

How about using to share your files?
And whatever else you can think of, it probably
**can**\  be done.

.. footer:: Smart thing goes here

Y aquí está el resultado después de correr el script


  • Si el cursor se mueve hasta la parte superior de la ventana, se puede ver flechas de anterior/siguiente.
  • Si se hace click en la ventana, se va a la siguiente página.

hace casi un año que no lo toco, y necesita mucho cariño, pero no es una mala idea, me parece.

2007-05-01 19:39

What I am plotting...


Ok, here's what I have been doing:

  • Daddy work. Lots of it. Fun!
  • Actual work. Lots of it. Fun, but not so much!
  • Worked a little more in RA-Flip. Play/Stop/Pause is done. The editing mode and opening/saving files is pretty much done, so it will be fully functional as soon as I can spend an afternoon in it.
  • Tobogan (My slideshow software). It works nicely. There are many rough spots and it needs a few features:
    • Some way to edit the CSS for individual slides in a nice manner. Like setting backgrounds and colours (and not much else)
    • A nice way to save the slideshow so it ends all in a single folder.
    • Many UI details
    • Docs
    • A site
  • BartleBlog: it has worked well for me for a long while, since I have been posting this blog using it. And really, it's a nice blog, isn't it? ;-) But of course, there is stuff to be done:
    • Many UI details
    • Decent flickr and openomy uploaders/managers
    • Some extra gadgets I have in mind
    • Docs
    • A site

And that's all I have in mind right now. Except maybe a graphical Befunge interpreter, but that's not really important ;-)

2007-04-14 23:37

New project: Tobogan

As a result of my playing with mootools and creating powerpoint-style slideshows on webpages from restructured text, I am pretty much decided about turning this into a standalone, real application.

I am doing a PyQt4 frontend, and restructured text addons to generate the slides.

The native file format is restructured text itself, and it supports basic transitions between slides.

It still needs a ton of work, but here is a video showing how it looks after a couple of days hacking. You can see the current UI, a document's source, and a demonstration using firefox (only because Konqy doesn't suppose opacity, the rest of the transitions work even better on Konqueror)

It's Ogg/Theora and 3MB (thanks!): the video

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