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Publicaciones sobre rst2pdf (publicaciones antiguas, página 6)

Salió rst2pdf 0.10!

Si no sa­bés de que es­toy ha­blan­do, rs­t2­pdf te per­mi­te crear PDFs a par­tir de un sim­ple, ape­nas "mar­ca­do" for­ma­to de tex­to lla­ma­do tex­to rees­truc­tu­ra­do y es la ma­ne­ra más sen­ci­lla de crear do­cu­men­ta­ción pa­ra tu pro­yec­to de so­ftwa­re li­bre, y mu­cho má­s!

Aquí es­tá el ma­nual que se creó usan­do el mis­mo rs­t2­pdf a par­tir de es­to.

Y aquí es­tá la (pro­ba­ble­men­te in­com­ple­ta) lis­ta de los cam­bio­s, que te de­be­rían con­ven­cer de que es­ta ver­sión es la que ne­ce­si­ta­s:

  • Is­­sue 87: Ta­­ble hea­­ders can be re­­peated in ea­­ch pa­­ge (thanks to Ya­­sus­hi Ma­­su­­da)

  • Is­­sue 93: Li­­ne nu­m­­ber su­­pport for co­­­de blo­­­cks (:­­li­­ne­­no­­s: true)

  • Is­­sue 111: Added --­­no­­-­­footno­­­te-­­ba­­ck­­li­nks op­­tion

  • Is­­sue 107: Su­­pport lo­­­ca­­li­­zed di­­re­c­­ti­­ve­s/­­ro­­­les (e­­xa­m­­ple: so­­­m­­mai­­re in­s­­tead of co­n­­ten­­ts)

  • Is­­sue 112: Fixed crash when pro­­­ce­s­­sing em­p­­ty list ite­­ms

  • Is­­sue 98: No­­­break su­­ppo­r­­t, and set as de­­fault for in­­li­­ne-­­li­­te­­rals so they do­­n't hy­­phe­­na­­te.

  • Sli­­gh­­tly be­­­tter tes­­ts

  • Ba­­ck­­ground co­­­lors in text sty­­les wo­­­rk wi­­th re­­po­r­­tlab 2.3

  • Is­­sue 99: Fixed hy­­phe­­na­­tion in hea­­de­r­s/­­footers (re­­qui­­res wo­r­­da­­xe 0.3.2)

  • Is­­sue 106: Crash on de­­mo­­.­­txt fixed (re­­qui­­res wo­r­­dxe 0.3.2)

  • Is­­sue 102: Im­­ple­­men­ted sty­­les for bu­­lle­ted and nu­m­­be­­­red lis­­ts

  • Is­­sue 38: De­­fault hea­­de­r­s/­­footers via op­­tio­n­s, co­n­­fig fi­­le or sty­­le­s­heet

  • Is­­sue 88: Im­­ple­­men­ted mu­­ch be­­­tter book-s­­ty­­le TO­­­Cs

  • Is­­sue 100: Fixed bug wi­­th hea­­de­r­s/­­footers and Re­­po­r­­tlab 2.3

  • Is­­sue 95: Fixed bug wi­­th in­­den­ted ta­­bles

  • Is­­sue 89: Im­­ple­­men­ted --­­ve­r­­sion

  • Is­­sue 84: Fixed bug wi­­th re­­la­­ti­­ve in­­clu­­de pa­­ths

  • Is­­sue 85: Fixed bug wi­­th ta­­ble ce­­ll sty­­les

  • Is­­sue 83: Fixed bug wi­­th nu­­me­­ric co­­­lors in ba­­ck­­Co­­­lor attri­­bu­­te

  • Is­­sue 44: Su­­pport for stdin and stdout

  • Is­­sue 79: Added --s­­ty­­le­s­hee­­t-­­pa­­th op­­tion

  • Is­­sue 80: Send wa­r­­nings to stde­­rr, not stdout

  • Is­­sue 66: Im­­ple­­men­ted "s­­mart quo­­­tes"

  • Is­­sue 77: Wo­­­rk around mis­­sing ma­­tplo­­­tlib

  • Pro­­­per tran­s­­la­­tion of la­­bels (su­­ch as "Au­­tho­­­r", "Ve­r­­sio­­n" etc.) using the do­­­cu­­tils lan­­gua­­ges pa­­cka­­ge. (r473)

  • Fixed pro­­­ble­­ms wi­­th wrong or no­­n-e­­xis­­ting fo­n­­ts. (r484)

  • Pa­­ge tran­­si­­tion effect su­­pport for pre­sen­­ta­­tions (r423)

Un poquito más de trabajo en rst2pdf

  • Em­­pe­­cé a ver el pro­­­ble­­ma re­­po­r­­ta­­do por msou­­lier (no lo pue­­do re­­pro­­­du­­cir to­­­da­­vía)

  • Im­­ple­­men­­té la me­­jo­­­ra pe­­di­­da en Is­­sue 111 en r520 (i­n­­clu­­yen­­do do­­­cu­­men­­ta­­ción y co­n­­fi­­gu­­ra­­cion eje­m­­plo­­). Fa­l­­ta que lo ve­­ri­­fi­­que adk2012.

  • Ve­­ri­­fi­­qué que el Is­­sue 106 no su­­ce­­de aho­­­ra y lo ce­­rré.

  • Cie­­rro Is­­sue 76 co­­­mo Wo­n­­tFix po­r­­que no voy a te­­ner RL 2.1 in­s­­ta­­la­­do :-(

  • Cie­­rro Is­­sue 99 po­r­­que se arre­­gló en wo­r­­da­­xe 0.3.2

AC­TUA­LI­ZA­CIÓ­N: Los cam­bios en SVN son mas que su­fi­cien­tes pa­ra me­re­cer una nue­va ver­sió­n!

rst2pdf bugfixes

  • Arre­­gla­­do Is­­sue 112 en r513

  • Arre­­gla­­do Is­­sue 107 en r516

  • Em­­pe­­cé a im­­ple­­men­­tar Is­­sue 111

No mu­cho tra­ba­jo (los arre­glos eran muy sen­ci­llo­s) pe­ro por lo me­nos es­toy ha­cien­do al­go. Im­por­tan­te ya que al pa­re­cer al­gu­na gen­te usa es­te pro­gra­ma! ;-)

Back from the dead.

Yes, again, two months passed and noth­ing on the blog. What can I say, my life takes a lot of my time.

Any­way: I will try to ac­tu­al­ly write my PyQt tu­to­ri­al based on what I showed at Lati­noWare (I said "will write it in a few days". Ja!), and start push­ing things out ev­ery once in a while.

The on­ly FLOSS I did was some bug­fix­es for rst2pdf which is des­per­ate­ly need­ing a new re­lease.

Hope­ful­ly march will mean a bit more time for free soft­ware and writ­ing.

On oth­er ar­eas:

  • KDE 4.2 is re­al­­ly good. Beats 3.5 for me, like for most any­one else that was not con­vinced yet.

  • I want to try my hand at a cou­­ple of plas­­moids (yes, I do have at least one semi-o­rig­i­­nal idea)

So, see you soon, dear read­er­s. Maybe. Prob­a­bly.

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