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Buenas noticias: Linux revive hardware! Malas noticias: no deberia!

Es­te post es pa­ra reír­se un ra­ti­to. Es­te no de­be­ría ser su ser­ve­r. Es una so­lu­ción tem­po­ral de­bi­do a mul­ti­ples fa­llas si­mul­ta­neas de har­dwa­re. Es­ta es una em­pre­sa gran­de y bien ad­mi­nis­tra­da, y es­ta si­tua­ción irre­gu­lar se va a re­sol­ver pron­to. Y de to­das for­mas fun­cio­na.

Co­mo sa­be­n, Li­nux pue­de ha­cer es­te ti­po de tra­ba­jo sin gran­des re­que­ri­mien­tos de har­dwa­re. Des­pués de to­do, só­lo ne­ce­si­ta ma­ne­jar unos 3 Mbps de da­to­s, y es­te equi­po tie­ne 2GB de RA­M, así que hay mu­cho lu­gar pa­ra un ca­ché rá­pi­do.

Así que ten­ga­mos un po­co de bue­na­s/­ma­las no­ti­cia­s.

Bue­nas no­ti­cia­s: Es un ver­da­de­ro ser­vi­dor IBM! Ma­las no­ti­cia­s: Es un IBM Ne­tfi­ni­ty 5000 (mo­de­lo 3Ry)!


Aquí hay un po­co de in­for­ma­ción téc­ni­ca de IBM.

Bue­nas no­ti­cia­s: Tie­ne 2 CPUs! Ma­las no­ti­cia­s: Son dos Pen­tium II de 450­Mh­z.

Bue­nas no­ti­cia­s: so­por­ta dis­cos SCSI ho­t-swa­p! Ma­las no­ti­cia­s: no hay dis­cos pa­ra esa con­tro­la­do­ra, así que va­mos a usar es­te dis­co IDE PA­TA de 8GB!


Y lo va­mos a de­jar ahí sen­ta­do jun­to a la lec­to­ra de CD, jun­to al agu­je­ro adon­de irían los dis­cos SCSI.

Ma­las no­ti­cia­s: tien­de a re­ca­len­tar­se! Bue­nas no­ti­cia­s! te­ne­mos có­mo man­te­ner el ca­fé ti­bio!


Asus eee PC 4G Surf: First impressions from an old Linux Guy

I fi­nal­ly got my eee PC last sat­ur­day. It's the 4G Surf in Gal­axy Black [1].

Ev­ery­one says the same thing, and so do I: you can't un­der­stand how small the thing is un­til you see it.

And then ev­ery­one takes a pic­ture of it sit­ting in­side its pre­vi­ous note­book. So will I, 2 times.

Here's the eee with a HP Pavil­lion zd7000, which has a 17" widescreen:


Here's the eee with a Toshi­ba Satel­lite with a very un­usu­al 16.6" 4:3 ra­tio screen:


But is it the small­est note­book I ev­er had? Nope.

Here you can see the eee, a Toshi­ba Li­bret­to and a HP Jor­na­da 720 lay­ing over the HP note­book, so you can get an idea of how much small­er all are. The Li­bret­to is small­er but thick­er and feels heav­ier.


Re­gard­ing con­struc­tion qual­i­ty, the screen is de­cen­t, if you can live with the low res­o­lu­tion (I can). The key­board is ok, even though I have large fin­gers [2] and the gen­er­al con­struc­tion feels good (not creaky, no flex [3]), but noth­ing re­mark­able.

The soft­ware... it work­s. But I am loook­ing to re­place it with an­oth­er dis­tro AS­AP. Let's get in­to some de­tail...

  1. Xan­­dros pack­­age avail­a­bil­i­­ty is abysmal. There's lit­tle, what's there is old, what I like is usu­al­­ly mis­s­ing, if you start pulling De­bian pack­­ages it will break, and if you don't want to use the Xan­­dros File Man­ag­er you may have to do evil stuff [4]

  2. KDE 3.4 is worse than 3.5. There's no kopete?

  3. The menus are in­­­com­­plete (in both the sim­­ple and ad­­vanced mod­­es). There are a bunch of things in­­stalled but not show­ing.

  4. If you have on­­ly 4GB of stor­age, lit­­tle RAM, and a slow­ish CPU, build­ing from source is prob­a­bly not a good idea, so I can't in­­stall that way even if I felt like it.

  5. No PyQt4? That means I can't blog from it :-(

  6. On the oth­­er hand, ev­ery­thing in the eee works us­ing xan­­dros, and I don't know if it will on an­oth­er dis­­tro.

The on­ly changes I made so far are:

  1. Switched to full desk­­top (KDE) mod­­e.

  2. I got rid of the sil­­ly union­fs sit­u­a­­tion (BTW: I did it us­ing the in­­struc­­tions at http://wi­k­i.eeeuser.­­com, but used RIPLin­uX as the USB bootable dis­­tro, it's the eas­i­est of them al­l)

  3. I re­­moved a lot of garbage (got 2.2GB free now)

  4. Moved logs to a tmpfs

Oth­er than that, it's still the orig­i­nal stuff, and I have been us­ing it to work around the house while watch­ing the baby, and from bars, and such.

Hap­py­ness-me­ter: 8 out of 10 so far.

Querida Lazyweb: ¿Cómo debe ser el sitio de mi compañia?

Net Ma­na­gers es una com­pa­ñia. Y yo soy so­cio. Y va a te­ner u si­tio, en http://www.­ne­t­ma­na­ger­s.­co­ ... y no ten­go idea de qué po­ner ahí.

¿Có­mo tie­ne que se­r?

Acá hay al­gu­nas pis­ta­s:

  • Los so­­­cios so­­­mos geeks Li­­nu­­x/U­­nix de un ni­­vel ba­s­­tan­­te ele­­va­­do, mo­­­des­­tia apa­r­­te.

  • Nues­­tro ne­­go­­­cio es arre­­glar tus pro­­­ble­­mas de Li­­nu­­x/U­­nix, y ex­­pli­­ca­r­­te co­­­mo uti­­li­­zar Li­­nu­­x/U­­nix pa­­ra ha­­cer co­­sas in­­te­­re­san­­tes. ( o sea, so­­­po­r­­te y co­n­­su­l­­to­­­ría co­r­­po­­­ra­­ti­­vos so­­­bre Li­­nu­­x)

  • Te­­ne­­mos una cu­l­­tu­­ra co­r­­po­­­ra­­ti­­va re­­la­­ja­­da y té­c­­ni­­ca. Ca­­da so­­­cio en­­ten­­de­­ría la bro­­­ma ace­r­­ca de po­r­­qué Na­­vi­­dad y Ac­­ción de gra­­cias son lo mis­­mo po­r­­que 25­­dec == 31o­c­­t. Pe­r­­fe­­ri­­ría­­mos que se no­­­te. No­r­­ma­l­­men­­te nos co­n­­tra­­tan los mu­­cha­­chos de IT, no los je­­fe­s.

  • Ten­­go un blog y no es en­­te­r­­pri­sey pe­­ro creo que mues­­tra que sé al­­go de to­­­do es­­to. ¿Lo li­nkeo?

  • No te­­ne­­mos ofi­­ci­­nas fí­­si­­ca­s. Le­­ga­l­­men­­te sí las te­­ne­­mo­­s, pe­­ro ca­­da uno tra­­ba­­ja des­­de una ofi­­ci­­na en ca­s­a, en dos pro­­­vi­n­­cias di­­fe­­ren­­tes. Así que no hay fo­­­tos de nues­­tros edi­­fi­­cios dis­­po­­­ni­­ble­s.

  • So­­­mos una es­­pe­­cie de sta­r­­tu­­p, pe­­ro más bien so­­­mos una fo­r­­ma­­li­­za­­ción de una fo­r­­ma de tra­­ba­­jar que fun­­cio­­­na des­­de ha­­ce tie­m­­po.

Se acep­tan su­ge­ren­cias e idea­s.

Y por su­pues­to, con­sul­tas acer­ca de nues­tros ser­vi­cios ;-)

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