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Destructive Reasoning (The Authorities, #2)

Cover for Destructive Reasoning (The Authorities, #2)



The pun den­si­ty is thick, and con­sid­er­ing they land at a rough­ly 30% rate that makes the book a slog.

Not re­al­ly my thing. The au­thor could use some reign­ing in of his "style" and some more work in ac­tu­al plot and char­ac­ter­s.

Failure Mode (Expeditionary Force, #15)

Cover for Failure Mode (Expeditionary Force, #15)


Last one I guess

This se­ries was on fumes for five or six book­s, so, I'm ok with it end­ing. Not the worst book ei­ther, even if it felt re­al­ly stretched.

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