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Cover for Riverwatch


Like "It" with­out the scares, the kids and the fun, but with ex­tra sil­ly mythol­o­gy.

Pirate Cinema

Cover for Pirate Cinema


The usu­al op­ti­mistic Doc­torow YA book. A bit too op­ti­mistic, I'd say.

Zoo City

Cover for Zoo City


Awe­some premise, good writ­ing, I would have loved a lit­tle less show­busi­ness.

Resurrection, Inc.

Cover for Resurrection, Inc.


My opin­ion of Not Frank Her­bert went up a cou­ple of notch­es af­ter I read this. If this guy co-wrote the Dune Pre­quel­s, Not Frank Her­bert must be re­spon­si­ble for the good bits there.

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