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The City & the City

Cover for The City & the City


In­ter­est­ing book. A nice de­par­ture from the baroque style Miéville cul­ti­vates in the New Crobu­zon book­s. The in­ten­tion­al­ly hard names of things are a turnoff at first, but af­ter a while, you start un­see­ing it.

In­ter­est­ing premise, and I spit in the gen­er­al di­rec­tion of the pub­lish­er who con­vinced Miéville that the sub­ti­tle "The last ad­ven­ture of In­spec­tor Bor­lú" had to go.


Cover for Cryptonomicon


I fin­ished reread­ing Crypto­nomi­con. It should tell you some­thing when some­one rereads a al­most-1000-­page be­he­moth of a book. It's a fun book, it tells you stuff you don't know, it con­tains a very en­ter­tain­ing ac­tion thriller and a big-busi­ness thriller, and half a dozen oth­er books with­in.

It's re­al­ly re­al­ly good.


Cover for Reamde


Well, it's a Neal Stephen­son book, so you know a few things be­fore you start read­ing:

1) It's long
2) It will con­tain some mem­o­rable pas­sage you will quote to friend and foe alike
3) It's pop­u­lat­ed by char­ac­ters that pos­sess some sort of mo­ti­va­tion, that may or may not make sense to you, but is in­ter­nal­ly con­sis­tent
4) It con­tains in­cred­i­bly ac­tion ac­tion scenes
5) It will make you think about a thing or two. Or two hun­dred.
6) It's bet­ter than 99% of the oth­er books that were pub­lished around the same date.
7) The end­ing.... oh, the end­ing.

So, all that is true. Is it as good as Anath­em? Or as Crypto­nomi­con? Yes and no.

The au­thor sure seems to have spent a lot of time do­ing plot. There is a lot of it. Oth­er au­thors would live 5 or 10 years on this amount of plot.

As a Du­mas-pére ac­tion-­packed romp, it's kick­ass. As a nov­el full of deep ideas... nah, not this one. For that, get Anath­em. It is, how­ev­er, a page turn­er, a ton of fun, and yes, re­al­ly, re­al­ly good.

I rec­om­mend it to pret­ty much any­one over 14, since it con­tains some stuff that may be a bit too di­rect for younger read­er­s.

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