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Indexing (Indexing, #1)

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So many con­flict­ed feel­ings. Love the au­thor, love most of her book­s, love her world­build­ing... but don't re­al­ly love this one.

A Night in the Lonesome October

Cover for A Night in the Lonesome October


Ah, that plea­sure of find­ing out there was a whole book I had not read of an au­thor I re­al­ly like.

This book is awe­some, but then again, it's a Ze­lazny book so you al­ready knew that. It's al­so fun, and the premise is very weird. Which are nice to haves.

Invasion (Alien Invasion, #1)

Cover for Invasion (Alien Invasion, #1)


Is there a name for a char­ac­ter that is a Mary Sue and al­so a rag­ing, gi­ant ass­hole? It should be called a Mey­er Dempsey, like this book's pro­tag­o­nist.

This is not a great book. It's prob­a­bly not even a good book. I did fin­ish it and I may give the 2nd one in the se­ries a chance be­cause it's free and it's a some­what rea­son­able es­capist fan­ta­sy, and that's about all the good things I can say about it.

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