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How You Could Not Replace Cable, If Only This Were Legal

Su­ppo­se you wanted to ha­ve free TV. Su­ppo­se by that you mean se­rie­s, not mo­vies or news (bo­th of whi­ch you can get in other wa­ys).

Al­so, su­ppo­se you want to ha­ve it on your ac­tual TV. Al­so, that you do­n't mind breaking IP laws. We­ll, this is how I would do it, if that was the ca­se.

Firs­t: get har­dwa­re.

You need a ge­ne­ral com­pu­ta­tio­nal de­vi­ce wi­th TV con­nec­tors and lo­ts of sto­ra­ge. Like, sa­y, a Me­le A1000 or A2000 run­ning an­droi­d, and a SATA disk. This wi­ll cost you around $150 or so.

The Me­le has HD­MI, VGA and com­po­si­te, so it can con­nect to pre­tty mu­ch an­y­thing that can dis­play ima­ges. You could even use a 64­GB SD card ins­tead of a SATA dri­ve if you want to go chea­pe­r.

Se­con­d: choose so­me se­rie­s.

You could go to Sho­wR­SS crea­te an ac­count and just choose se­ries you like. Sho­wR­SS would then pro­vi­de you wi­th a ni­ce RSS feed up­dated as your sho­ws are uploade­d.

You could even choose be­tween SD and HD ver­sion­s.

Thir­d: get the epi­so­des.

You would need a Bi­tTo­rrent client that su­ppor­ts this:

  1. An­­droi­­d.

  2. Choosing the des­­ti­­na­­tion fo­l­­der (u­­To­­­rrent for an­­droid does­n'­­t)

  3. RSS Fee­­ds wi­­th au­­to­­­do­­wn­­load

For exam­ple: aDo­wn­loader

If you are using the Me­le and the SATA dri­ve, the­re is a bug in aDo­wn­loader whe­re it can't wri­te to the SATA disk. You can fix it if you ha­ve root and so­me pa­tien­ce.

Four­th: get a good vi­deo pla­ye­r.

You want one tha­t:

  1. Has HW de­­co­­­ding

  2. Has SW au­­dio de­­co­­­ding (a me­­le-s­­pe­­ci­­fic is­­sue)

  3. Su­­ppo­r­­ts many vi­­deo fo­r­­ma­­ts

  4. Su­­ppo­r­­ts su­b­­ti­­tle­s, if you need them

For exam­ple: MX Pla­yer

Fi­fth: get sub­ti­tle­s.

If you ever wa­tch so­me­thing that is not in your na­ti­ve lan­gua­ge, you al­so want so­me­thing that au­to­ma­ti­ca­lly ge­ts sub­ti­tles for your vi­deo­s. For exam­ple Su­bloader

How we­ll would this wo­rk? We­ll, it would take rou­gh­ly 5 mi­nu­tes to do­wn­load a show in SD or 15 mi­nu­tes to do­wn­load it in HD on a 10M­bps in­ter­net li­nk.

It would let you play them in your own ti­me.

It would let you see sho­ws be­fo­re they air in your coun­tr­y, and even if they wi­ll ne­ver air the­re.

It is al­so ille­gal as all he­ll, so do­n't do it.

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