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"""Implementation of compile_html based on markdown."""
__all__ = ['compile_html']
import codecs
import re
from markdown import markdown
def compile_html(source, dest):
    with, "w+", "utf8") as out_file:
        with, "r", "utf8") as in_file:
            data =
        output = markdown(data, ['fenced_code', 'codehilite'])
        # remove the H1 because there is "title" h1.
        output = re.sub(r'<h1>.*</h1>', '', output)
        # python-markdown's highlighter uses the class 'codehilite' to wrap code,
        # instead of the standard 'code'. None of the standard pygments
        # stylesheets use this class, so swap it to be 'code'
        output = re.sub(r'(<div[^>]+class="[^"]*)codehilite([^>]+)', r'\1code\2',

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