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What do you get...

...If you make ESR ar­gue with a an­ar­cho-lib­er­tar­i­an-freemar­keter-pro­gres­sive (or what­ev­er?)

A lot of hot gas!

It's a pity George Staikos' rea­son­able com­ments are in this piece, but hey, who could have guessed.

Any­way: the writ­er is the most an­noy­ing es­say­ist I've ev­er read. And he goes and has en email ex­change with ESR (the pre­vi­ous hold­er of the crown). And half-quotes it at length. Sigh. A train­wreck.

We are all now slight­ly dumb­er if we read this piece.

Not a calculator

I have been play­ing with this code and it's been lots of fun.

I've hacked it in­to a func­tion­al spread­sheet in (ac­cord­ing to er­ic3) 508 lines of non-­doc code, of which 244 are gen­er­at­ed by pyuic.

Here's my code so far (re­quires PyQt). Give it a look, I think it's kin­da nice.

The on­ly hard part I wrote (at least hard for me) was the cell de­pen­den­cy and re­cal­cu­la­tion sup­port.

There's a test file you can use, too.

It is triv­ial to add func­tions you can use in the cell­s, just lookup python docs for eval() and check en­

To use it, unpack it, and from the directory it creates run python

I don't plan to make it a re­al spread­sheet, but it should be fun to hack on :-)

I remember worse!

Fun­ny ar­ti­cle at Glitch­NYC about look­ing at KDE 2.0 to­day.

But hey, I wrote a them­ing en­gine for Qt 1.x, so I'vee seen, re­mem­ber, and even mucked up with worse stuff :-)

New favourite palm etext reader

I have been palm-­less for a while, be­cause my charg­er was bro­ken.

So last week I bought a nicer charg­er, which works from the USB port, in­stead of Sony's power­brick­-from-hell (which you have to car­ry around if you ev­er want to sync).

And since all my da­ta was gone, I looked around for etext read­ing soft­ware again.

Us­ing a CLie means the lat­est Weasel Read­er does­n't work right, and pluck­er is a pain in the as­s. It's cool if you want it to self­-up­date, but I don't. I read stat­ic book­s.

So, I was us­ing TiBR, which is a ba­sic, but nice palm­DOC read­er. Most of the free ones work like crap on a Clie (I mean you, weasel­read­er), but this one is nice.

But I got a bunch of zTXT docs (con­vert­ed when I had a m100 and read us­ing weasel), which TiBR can't read.

En­ter Palm­Fic­tion a nice and fan­cy read­er than han­dles palm­DOC and zTX­T. If it han­dled pluck­er I would be too hap­py ;-)

But re­al­ly, a very nice thing. Don't be scared by the page in rus­sian, just get it and in­stall it ;-)

On­ly nig­gle so far: can't choose a small­er-than-nor­mal font.

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