2007-12-28 12:46

Thinking in 800x480: Web browsing

I am still anxiously waiting for my Asus eee (still a week to go or so), and I was thinking about web browsing in the 7", 800x480 screen.

Yes, you can do the usual things, go to full screen mode, whatever, but for many sites, 800 pixels is just too narrow.

You can make pages fit better in a limited width by reducing the font size. A good 8pt font is probably readable on that screen, since you will be pretty close to the screen.

However, that does nothing for layouts that are pixel-based, and for the size of images.

However, after reading about Qt 4.4's support for webkit and widgets in QGraphicsView, I started thinking... that's doing it wrong.

What you want in limited screen space is text in the usual size and the page in a smaller size.

So, my idea is:

  • Make the font larger. Say, 12pt.
  • Render the page in a webkit widget that's 1200x720 pixels.
  • Put the widget in a QGraphicsScene, and reduce it 33%.

The result? a 800x480 web page view that contains the whole page.

Of course you should be able to change all these parameters with a single control. Is the page too wide to see in 800x480 with 8pt fonts?

Then try 1000x600 with 10pt fonts, and reduce it to fit the screen.

Still too wide? Then try 1200x720 and a 33% reduction.

Possible tips:

  • Should work better with aliased fonts, since the size reduction should make antialiased fonts too blurry. A wide, open font will look better,
  • The scrollbars will look squashed, I expect. Probably checkboxes and radio buttons will look funky. Here, more advanced wizardry is needed.

Of course it would have to be tested, but I am willing to bet this will work better than other alternatives. If I had a working PyQt 4.4 I would try to do it myself ;-)

2007-11-30 09:29

Qmail public domain? Cool!!!!

According to Slashdot, at least.

That means there can be a real community project to integrate all the patches floating around!

That means qmail will stop sucking without need for manual labour!

I am just thrilled by this.

2007-11-29 17:02

I got my Asus eee!

Ok, not really, but if everything works right, I get a "Galaxy Black" Asus eee 4G Surf in a couple of weeks :-)

Ok, I wanted the 4G, not the surf, but my mother in law is bringing it as a favour and I have no use for the webcam anyway, so the only difference is the soldered RAM, which I was not planning to upgrade anyway.

2007-11-28 15:51

If you are a qmail user: read this

  • If you don't know what qmail-spp is, please check it out. It makes qmail much much better.
  • If you know qmail-spp, then maybe my plugin collection will be handy for you.
  • My most useful plugin is probably ipthrottle, which you can use to make overeager IPs connect less often.
  • The version currently in SVN will autoblock those IPs for a configurable amount of time if you are using ipsvd which is like tcpserver, only much better.
  • I really need someone to help me test the SVN version, which should be way, way better than the releases on the page.
  • The SVN repo is at googlecode

2007-11-28 14:01

Rethinking Linux Configuration: Part I

I have said Linux sucks. Here's my new project: Make it suck less, one bit at a time.

And I start with one of the big chunks: configuration.

Part I in a longish series (I expect 5 parts at least).

2007-11-23 21:23

My seal of approval!

The KDE project is relicensing some code. There is a tool to verify if any SVN account holder is blocking the relicensing of some file.

Hey, looks like I was!

I don't expect to have any actual code there since I have not editd those files in perhaps 6 years, but it costed me nothing to approve it ;-)

2007-11-23 20:03

Don't let them tell you the CLI is bad

I mean, can you do this on a GUI?

grep 23/Nov/2007 /var/log/httpd/lateral-access_log |\
grep html | cut -d" " -f1 | sort |uniq |\
while read IP; do host $IP; done

2007-11-23 17:32

Wanted: C programmer

Checking on my semi-dead projects, I found that one was almost finished but I had forgotten about it: rater

In order to make it really useful, however, I need a C programmer that can turn this python program:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import sys
from socket import *
serverHost = 'localhost'
serverPort = 1999

s = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)
s.connect((serverHost, serverPort))
print "Sending: ",' '.join(sys.argv[1:])
s.send(' '.join(sys.argv[1:])+"\n")
data = s.recv(1024)
sys.exit(int(data.split(' ')[0]))

Into a nice function that never fails and never leaks memory (of course, it should return instead of exit, this is just example code ;-).

If that's done, I can release rater as a useful tool, which should find a home in many qmail installations (and maybe other uses).

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