2006-05-11 08:37

If you see a russian, it's my doing

In this russian site, you can see how they got my post about the Santa Fe python event. And apparently what impressed them is the thing about the fish and the beer.

См. вас там!

2006-05-10 11:36

Switching to feedburner

I have switched the RSS feeds to feedburner.

Why? Because I don't want people to ever lose my page again if I switch hostings :-(

My old page at pycs.net is still there, abandoned. I can't update it, I can't delete it... it's very sad, because they gave me great service for several years.

Of course it may cause the classic "planet thinks everything is new" but no other RSS reader did it, I swear I tested several!

As a bonus, I get traffic analysis of the RSS subscribers, which I never had.

2006-05-09 22:16

Amazing things

I do some strange stuff. I read bout world cup matches on the newspapers of the other country. I read travelogues about the city I live in.

And that, gave me this.

2006-05-09 10:52

Now THIS is old school!

Today, a new version of XView was released.

You know... openlook?

Yes, really.

And the FAQs include things like this:

Q: The second ttysw in my program doesn't work

A: XView only supports one ttysw per program!

2006-05-09 00:31

Frodo as a Hacker

Just because I am a shameless nerd, here is, in all it's geekitude, my 2002 essay about hacking and Lord Of The Rings, rescued from its deserved obscurity for a few minutes, with some extra footnotes...

2006-05-08 23:40

I Jornada Python en Santa Fe, Argentina

Bilingual entry here:

Yo nací en Santa Fe. Me gusta Python. Hay un evento de Python en Santa Fe.

Pienso asistir solamente como espectador, quedarme callado y escuchar cosas interesantes que digan los demas.

Sin embargo, si quieren experimentar un lugar donde se pueden comer 30 platos de pescado por 20 pesos (y te podes comer los 30, aunque yo conozco solamente una persona con la suficiente fortaleza estomacal), mas toda la cerveza que puedas tomar... bueno, nos vemos en Santa Fe el 3 de junio.

Mas informacion aca

I come from Santa Fe. I like Python. There is a Python event on Santa Fe.

I intend to attend in a strictly spectator fashion. I will listen to other guys telling interesting stuff, and keep quiet.

However, if you want to experience a place where you can eat 30 different fish dishes for about 7 dollars (and I mean you can eat all 30, although I know only one person of such superhuman fortitude), plus all the beer you can drink... well, I will be in Santa Fe on June 3rd.

More information here

2006-05-07 21:00

There is no excuse: your program should have a man page!

I wrote Linux/Unix applications for ten years before I wrote my first man page.

I used all the excuses:

  • My app has interactive help
  • My app is for private use
  • Someone will write it eventually

But of course there are only two reasons not to write man pages.

  • You think the man pages are obsolete.

This is what the FSF thinks. So, they give you info pages. And they put, at the bottom of each manpage some warning about how that may look like the docs, but the real docs are the info pages.

Then they don't provide a decent info reader outside of emacs. But hey, who cares. On KDE, just use a info: URL.

  • You hate writing man pages.

Which is perfectly understandable, since this is how a man page looks like (and yes, I know it's specially ugly example):

.de }1
.ds ]X \&\\*(]B\\
.nr )E 0
.if !"\\$1"" .nr )I \\$1n
.ll \\n(LLu
.in \\n()Ru+\\n(INu+\\n()Iu
.ti \\n(INu
.ie !\\n()Iu+\\n()Ru-\w^G\\*(]X^Gu-3p \{\\*(]X
.el \\*(]X\h^G|\\n()Iu+\\n()Ru^G\c

And it is even possible that for some man pages you need to write such a thing.

But for the average program? Just take something like txt2man and be happy.

I wrote man pages for each of my qmail-spp plugins in a few minutes. Although they probably are lacking in their man-pageness in matters of style, they are ok.

And they are not hard to write at all (full):




  This plugin is meant to be used on the AUTH command and does two things:

  1. Logs the user (see LOGGING)

  2. If the user is authenticated, it sets QMAILQUEUE "/var/qmail/bin/simscan-nospam",
  which is probably not what you want, but is what I use right now ;-)

And there is no reason why your program, be it KDE-based or not, should not have such a thing.

2006-05-05 12:36

The fax thing

  • Wrote a whole queuing suite for efax. It kinda works, but not really, because it's not tested at all.
  • Rewrote the web app to work with said suite instead of mgetty+sendfax
  • Added status and sent pages
  • Implemented I18N for the web app

Next step: spending some actual cents sending and receiving faxes from my home phone line to the guy across the street.

What will happen: I need to do lots of other things, so I will shelve it for a week or so.

2006-05-03 11:49

Rethinking my fax solution

I decided to redo most of it, because I think I figured out a better way.

  1. Use efax instead of mgetty+sendfax

After all, efax works with my modem and sendfax doesn't ;-)

  1. Write a generic spooling thingamajig for efax (this is easy)
  2. Rewrite printfax.pl in a simpler way (done)
  3. Simplify the windows side.

Forget about a Qt app. All that's needed is a proggie that listens on a port, accepts connections. The connection gives it a URL. It launches the default browser with that URL.

If anyone reading this can write that program, I would really like it. Use VB, use .NET, use Java, I don't care.

  1. Use the web app as the only interface.

What's missing yet:

  • Writing the queuing program (should use same format as mgetty+sendfax's)
  • The windows "client"
  • Minor tweaks to the web app ( basically a form for the sending data)

And that's it.

Other than the windows thing, it's about a day's work.

2006-05-02 15:44

FaxWeb is done

FaxWeb, a web frontend for mgetty+sendfax is finished. It works. It's probably close to bugfree ;-)

The missing piece is a nicer reimplementation of respond (and this one will be cross-platform, too) using PyQt, which is 50% done.

I am only missing how to implement portable systray icons. On Mac they make no sense, on Linux I have it working, on Windows I have no idea.

Here's the simple interface for faxweb:

http://static.flickr.com/54/139230422_f453d38430_t.jpg http://static.flickr.com/50/139230433_0d87a2f0ae_t.jpg http://static.flickr.com/47/139230434_f91f8d0b01_t.jpg

It even has a little AJAXy "the page doesn't reload" niceties courtesy of MochiKit!

Also from MochiKit, the nicer, rounded look&feel. Compare to this older, uglier one:


I know the new one is not good, either, but I have decided that since I can't aim for awesome, I should aim for adequate, and settle for boring and harmless.

Of course, if any CSS/XHTML guru volunteers for a makeover, I'd be very happy, since I use the same CSS everywhere (even on parts of this blog ;-).

All in all, a pleasure to write this thing, thanks to CherryPy!

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