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Tiny Project: choose your audio output

This lit­er­al­ly took 15 min­utes, but it solves some­thing that has both­ered me (a lit­tle bit) for a long time.

Some­times I want to quick­ly switch where my au­dio goes to. From head­phones to speak­er, or to blue­tooth, and so on.

Well, just trig­ger this and choose: Rofi Sound Pick­er


Re­quires a num­ber of things (see the READ­ME) and it may make sense bound to a hotkey if you are us­ing a win­dow man­ag­er. If you are us­ing a desk­top like Plas­ma, the mix­er icon al­ready does it.

It should "just do the right thing", do noth­ing if you can­cel, show the cor­rect item se­lect­ed on start, and so on.

Croupier v0.4.1 out

A new release of Croupier my Crystal library for tasks and dataflow programming is out!

What's new in v0.4.1?

  • Add mergeable flag for tasks (default true)
  • Added TaskManager.depends_on function

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