2004-10-04 14:18

About to waste a lot of people's time.

I'm writing a clone of Bejeweled.

If it's half as much fun as the original, it's gonna kill productivity for a while.

Here's the current version. You can actually play it already, it keeps score, and everything.

Sure, it has no sound, and you can't lose, but it's nice ;-)

The tiles are, of course, just a temp job.


2004-10-02 16:39

Calculator news

So, I am thinking about calculators more. Whenever it isn't sunny and I don't have an urge to hang around with Rosario, I may put what I think into code, too ;-)

But anyway congrats to Ariya and mpyne since their calculators are already pretty good (haven't tried Zack's yet, I have no ruby).

But I still have some tricks up my sleeve!

2004-09-29 16:44

On Usecalc

OK, so several have figured out that UseCalc is in large part a spoof on usability research.

Too bad it didn't cause the response I wished for, which was some reasoned usability explanation for why calculators are done that way.

On the other hand, it turns out several people like Usecalc and have proceeded to reimplement it in other languages, and with different interfaces.

Which is quite good, too, even if it surprised me a little. Now I have to think about it, too. I mean, maybe there is real potential for the thing.

2004-09-27 14:57

A Modest Usability Improvement

You know, some things are usable. Some things aren't. Read on, to see one that isn't and one that (I think) is.

A semi-tongue-in-cheek usability article.

2004-09-24 12:10

A good web-based password changer?

Does such a thing exist? There are dozens, but none seems very good.

By good I mean:

  • Has been maintained more recently than 4 years ago.
  • Works via PAM (and just plain works)
  • Is not awful to install
  • Doesn't make you do weird stuff like running a SUID httpd (yes, I actually saw that once)
  • secure (audited?)
  • readable sources
  • runs as a non-privileged user.

Usually this would be a SUID root cgi-bin, which is somewhat scary, and it would seem to me unnecessary.

Since the user will provide the current password, it should be possible for a non-privileged process to first switch to the desired user and then change the password, right?

Maybe someone can tell me. Or do I have to write it? I mean, it's going to be a python CGI if I do, and noone's gonna like it ;-)

2004-09-20 16:48

APT Pupil: your own repository

A tutorial explaining how to setup your own APT-RPM repository, so you can install your custom (or custom-packaged) programs easily.

Now, this is too lame a piece to announce on the usual sites, so I will just post it here, and as a trackback for the other APT article.

It really feels like half-an-article without the pin and policy stuff, so it will surely get updated eventually.

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