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'Thin­ner,' the old Gyp­sy man with the rot­ting nose whis­per­s...

—Richard Bach­man (Stephen King)

I was not al­ways fat. I used to be re­al­ly, re­al­ly thin. So thin that when I was 16, my moth­er­forced me to eat. I was 1.75 and weight­ed about 65 ki­los when I fin­ished high­school. So thin I used M sized shirts un­til I was 25.

That has, as those who know me can agree with, changed quite a bit. I broke the 100kg ba­reer 10 years ago or so, and reached 123.5Kg ear­li­er this week. Al­so, I am not 3.5 me­ters tal­l, so I am close to hav­ing dou­bled my weight and body mass in these 25 years.

That is not a good thing. It's such a bad thing, that my doc­tor has ex­plained to me that if I don't lose a lot of weight soon­ish, I am go­ing to fuck­ing go and die. Not next week, not next year, but not in 40 years ei­ther.

Since my weight start­ed go­ing up while I was in col­lege and my dad was sick, I al­ways blamed some anx­i­ety prob­lem, eat­ing crap, a seden­tary lifestyle, the usu­al sus­pect­s.

So, I got some tests done. Turns out I was more or less right. The "more" is be­cause I do have to stop eat­ing crap, and I need to ex­er­cise more. The "less" is be­cause I have (a­mong oth­er things) hy­per­in­su­line­mi­a. Wan­na guess what are the most vis­i­ble symp­tom of that?

  • High blood pres­­sure (on med­i­­ca­­tion since 5 years ago)

  • In­­creased VLDL (di­ag­nosed 2 years ago)

  • Lethar­­gy (fuck yes)

  • Weight gain (dou­ble fuck yes)

And what does weight gain of this kind do to you? A lot of oth­er bad things.

Since tues­day I am on a very spe­cif­ic di­et, and tak­ing a drug to re­duce my in­sulin pro­duc­tion (Met­formin). I am feel­ing ac­tive, and have lost 3 ki­los in 4 days (yes, I know that is not a sus­tain­able rate and will plateau).

My feet stopped swelling.

I am not hun­gry all day.

I am walk­ing 30 min­utes, twice a day.

I want to code.

I feel good. I have felt bet­ter, when I start­ed tak­ing BP med­s, I have felt worse when my liv­er func­tion de­creased, I have felt very bad, when my BP spiked, but good? I have not felt good in a very, very long time.

This may not be the drug or the di­et. Maybe it's place­bo ef­fec­t. Maybe it's some­thing else. On the oth­er hand, I have de­cid­ed that my life is too sweet to drop dead right now. So, let's see how this goes.

1003 is a funny number, just not funny haha

In 1003, Erik the Red died af­ter hav­ing ruled Green­land. Which of course, was a bad idea, col­or-­com­bi­na­tion-­wise.

Ar­ti­cle 1003 at pi­achep­i­u.­

Al­so a bad idea was de­cree 1003/89 which par­doned ev­ery "sub­ver­sive" or "ter­ror­ist", in­clud­ing those dead or dis­ap­peared. This is af­ter de­cree 1002, that par­dons those who killed or dis­ap­peared them, of course.

Much milder is de­cree 1003/98 which gives an award to Rober­to De­Vi­cen­zo. I wrote a pro­gram called de­vi­cen­zo, BTW.

Car 1003 of the 56 bus.

Bug #1003 in launch­pad is about launch­pad, the ti­tle is "pro­jects +search page 404" and the de­scrip­tion is "Page not found Page not found". It's fixed.

If you search for 1003 in Google Map­s, it gives you one re­sult, in Latvi­a.

View Larger Map

But Bing gives you an­oth­er place, in Lau­sanne.

1003 days ago, it was sep­tem­ber 15th, 2002, the day of my 31st birth­day.

USS Al­ba­tross, SP-1003

Page 1003 of Gray's anato­my is about the de­vel­op­ment of the eye and con­tains a draw­ing of "the eye of an eigh­teen days’ em­bryo rab­bit.".

"1003 Rab­bit Skins Snap Bib" (s­cary!)

Page 1003 of "Fa­mil­iar Quo­ta­tion­s, 10th ed of 1919" says "We are danc­ing on a vol­cano.", at­trib­uted to the Comte de Sal­vandy. Al­to del Za­pote, in Cu­ba is 1003 me­ters tal­l, but is not a vol­cano at al­l.

NGC 1003, a dif­fuse spi­ral gal­axy in Perseus.

Oh, and this blog has 1003 post­s.

So, rst2pdf is now 0.91

Turns out there was a ma­jor, show stop­per bug in rst2pdf 0.90: sphinx sup­port was ab­so­lute­ly bro­ken. Not bro­ken as in bug­gy, bro­ken as in it had syn­tax er­rors.

So, 0.91 is now re­leased, and on­ly bro­ken in the tra­di­tion­al sense. En­joy!

rst2pdf 0.90 is out

Yes, af­ter many moon­s, it's out. Here is the (as usu­al) in­com­plete changel­og:

  • Added raw HTML sup­­port, by Dim­itri Christodoulou

  • Fixed Is­­sue 422: Hav­ing no .afm files made font lookup slow.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 411: Some­­times the win­­dows reg­istry has the font's ab­s­path.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 430: Us­ing --­­con­­fig op­­tion caused oth­­er op­­tions to be ig­nored (by charles at cstan­hope dot com)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 436: Add pdf_style_­­path to sphinx (by tyler@­­datas­­tax.­­com)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 428: page num­bers logged as er­rors

  • Added sup­­port for many pyg­­ments op­­tions in code-block (by Joaquin So­ri­anel­lo)

  • Im­­ple­­men­t­ed Is­­sue 404: plan­­tuml sup­­port

  • Is­­sue 399: sup­­port sphinx's tem­­plate path op­­tion

  • Fixed Is­­sue 406: calls to the wrong log­ging func­­tion

  • Im­­ple­­men­t­ed Is­­sue 391: New --­sec­­tion-­­head­­er-depth op­­tion.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 390: the --­­con­­fig op­­tion was ig­nored.

  • Added sup­­port for many pyg­­ments op­­tions in code-block (by Joaquin So­ri­anel­lo)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 379: Wrong style ap­­plied to para­­graphs in de­f­i­ni­­tion­s.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 378: Mul­ti­­line :ad­­dress: were shown col­lapsed.

  • Im­­ple­­men­t­ed Is­­sue 11: Frame­Break (and con­di­­tion­al Frame­Break)

  • The de­scrip­­tion of frames in page tem­­plates was just wrong.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 374: in some cas­es, lit­er­al blocks were split in­­­side a page, or the page­break came too ear­­ly.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 370: warn­ing about sphinx.addnodes.high­­­light­lang not be­ing han­­dled re­­moved.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 369: crash in hy­phen­a­tor when spec­i­­fy­ing "en" as a lan­guage.

  • Com­­pat­i­­bil­i­­ty fix to Sphinx 0.6.x (For python 2.7 doc­s)

This re­lease did not fo­cus on Sphinx bugs, so those are prob­a­bly still there. Hope­ful­ly the next round is at­tack­ing those.

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