2003-10-25 15:11

Ahh, the pleasure of coding.

And I mean it literally this time.

I just had 6 hours of straight solid coding (KRsN, if you are interested), and I feel great.

I can't even remember the last time I did this. But hey, at least now KRsN has a semi-decent data handling, shouldn't lock on the DB much (I still have some concept problems there), and should pretty much work, as long as you don't take its multithreading too seriously.

2003-10-24 18:08

And the real problem is...

That date parsing is awful. Yes, I can just try strptime() with different formats until one works, but look at this:

from time import *
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "stdin", line 1, in ?
ValueError: unconverted data remains: 'ART'

Now, what that is supposed to do, as far as I understand, is print my timezone (that is the strftime call, it prints ART), and then parse it back (that is the strptime call, and it fails).

Maybe %Z is new... no, it isnt. It is in the reference guide for 2.2.2 (what I use).

2003-10-24 17:36

RSS parsing...

Now, how is a RSS aggregator supposed to sort these things by date?

  • Tue, 07 Oct 2003 23:09:52 GMT
  • 20010627T12:40:33

the first ok for a human, but for a computer it is not, viceversa for the second :-P

Sadly, that is what PyCS and advogato return in the date field of RSS feeds.

So, the client is forced to assume that:

  • That thing must be readable somehow for the user, and cant format it (I try to parse for the advogato format, when it doesnt work I leave it as is)
  • Items cant be sorted by date cross-feed (ie: give me the latest posts from these ten feeds) because I have no reliable posting date, and must use instead the date it was fetched.

Not nice.

2003-10-23 18:13

Nice side effect

Looks like the kind fellows at kde-redhat.sf.net have a working PyKDE, and I got it while I was upgrading.

That's useful because I really wanted to hack some into KrSN (the RSS aggregator tool I once wrote), and it needs PyKDE.

I hadn't done it because building PyKDE on a PII, 233MHZ, 128MB of RAM (the only one I have on the Internet) is really NOT fun. But once I got it on RPM, using it works just fine :-)

2003-10-23 17:52

Adventures in apt-get

Since Red hat 8.0 is aging a little, I am updating it via apt-get into Red Hat 9.

Surprisingly, it seems to be working ;-)

2003-10-20 00:18

Advogato post for 2003-10-20 00:18:21

Blogger experience?

I am writing a blogging tool, and want it to support all the APIs I can find. Right now, it works with Advogato, and with PyDS, and it should work with blogger.

Why doesn't it? I don't know. Apparently blogger claims to have a editPost() method but doesn't.

If anyone has ever used XMLRPC to control a blogger.com blog, I would love to be pointed at working code. Any language is ok, really.

2003-10-19 23:48

Weekend ends...

...and I have done nothing important :-)

Oh, sure, I played games, and drank beer, and had fun, and called my mom (mothers day was today), but no real advance on anything at all.

I start teaching another course tomorrow, so I am copying CDs and browsing... really I am a boring dude nowadays.

2003-10-16 22:24

And finally....

Someone who bothered picking up all the docs of the _real_ blogger API. I hope ;-)

2003-10-16 22:16

More Blogger API shenanigans

Ok, so editPost, which _is_ in the 1.0 API doesn't work. I am obviously using the wrong API reference. Anyway, the plugin works, except you can't edit stuff that's already posted. Uploaded to CVS and everything.

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