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Siberian Light

Cover for Siberian Light


I sus­pect rus­sians would find this book in­cred­i­bly of­fen­sive. On the oth­er hand, I just find it im­plau­si­ble. I man­aged to sus­pend dis­be­lief, but it was not easy!

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Cover for Tomorrow and Tomorrow


This is in many ways an awe­some book. It is not a book I can like, but I can look at it and say, that is one heck of an idea, and the au­thor sure does work it!

The writ­ing is some­how cold, and the main char­ac­ter's ob­ses­sion with his dead wife seems to me more ob­ses­sion than pas­sion. When Par Leon of­fers to "fix him"... well, it seems to me that he *did* need fix­ing.

rst2pdf progress report

Since the last re­lease, there have been many changes, im­prove­ments and fix­es in rst2pdf.

At the bot­tom of this post you will find (maybe in­com­plete) list, but I want­ed to share a cou­ple of rel­a­tive­ly large ad­vances.


I have want­ed to make rst2pdf use­ful for pre­sen­ta­tions for quite a while. And now it's get­ting close.

I am writ­ing a small tu­to­ri­al about it, but you can see a de­mo al­ready.

The changes that make this pos­si­ble are:

  • Fixed bugs re­­gard­ing page lay­out

  • Added sup­­port for page back­­­grounds (in­­clud­ing SVG!)

This was in large part be­cause of César Ro­das, who want­ed some­thing sim­ple and tex­t-based to do his Zend­Con pre­sen­ta­tion, so he asked me about it, and I was ashamed to give him a bro­ken tool.

See how that work­s? I am driv­en by em­bar­rass­men­t. That's em­bar­ras­ing.

Ma­jor stylesheet im­prove­ments

The re­lat­ed changes are way too many (see be­low), but it al­so hap­pened for a rea­son: I want­ed to make pret­ti­er doc­u­ments.

So, since most peo­ple seems to like Sphinx's style, I want­ed to look sim­i­lar.

Did I achieve it? Yes and no, take a look:

web-sphinx rst2pdf-sphinx

But it's just a draft, I did­n't look at fonts, or weight of the head­ings, or even at what pyg­ments col­or scheme sphinx is us­ing.

But any­way, even this rough stylesheet made me find a dozen bugs or prob­lems in rst2pdf.

So, the main les­son here is, please tell me what you can and can't do with rst2pdf, be­cause there are whole ar­eas I am not even look­ing at, day-­to-­day.

The fi­nal thing is... the next re­lease is go­ing to be awe­some. But then again, I al­ways say that, don't I?

Changes as of to­day:

  • Work­around for is­­sue 103 so you can use bor­der­­Padding as a list (but it will look wrong if you are us­ing wor­­daxe <= 0.3.2)

  • Added field­­­val­ue style for field lists

  • Added op­­tion­list tstyle, for op­­tion lists

  • Added col­lec­­tion of util­i­­ty stylesheets and doc­u­­men­t­ed it

  • Im­proved com­­mand line pars­ing and stylesheet load­­ing (guess ex­ten­­sion like lat­est rst2la­­tex does)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 67: com­­plete­­ly new list lay­out­ing code

  • Fixed Is­­sue 116: crash­es caused by huge im­ages

  • Bet­ter sup­­port for %width in im­ages, n2ow it's % of the con­­tain­er frame's width, not of the text area.

  • Fixed bug in SVG scal­ing

  • Bet­ter han­dling of mis­s­ing im­ages

  • Added mis­s­ing styles ab­s­trac­t, con­­tents, ded­i­­ca­­tion to the de­­fault stylesheet

  • Ta­bles style sup­­port space­Be­­fore and spaceAfter

  • New top­ic-ti­­tle style for top­ic ti­­tles (ob­vi­ous ;-)

  • Ver­ti­­cal align­­ment for in­­­line im­ages (:align: pa­ram­e­ter)

  • Is­­sue 118: Sup­­port for :s­­cale: in im­ages and han­­dle re­­siz­ing of in­­­line im­ages

  • Is­­sue 119: Fix place­­ment of head­­ers and foot­ers

  • New back­­­ground prop­er­­ty for page tem­­plates (nice for pre­sen­­ta­­tion­s, for ex­am­­ple)

  • De­­fault to px for im­age width spec­i­­fi­­ca­­tions in­­stead of pt

  • Sup­­port all re­quired mea­­sure­­ment units ("em" "ex" "px" "in" "cm" "m­m" "p­t" "pc" "%" "")

  • New au­­to­­mat­ed scripts to check test cas­es for "vi­­su­al dif­fer­­ences"

  • Re­spect im­ages DPI prop­er­­ty a bit like rst2la­­tex does.

  • Is­­sue 110: New --in­­line-­­foot­notes op­­tion

  • Test­ed with re­­port­lab from SVN trunk

  • Sup­­port for Dinu Gher­­man's svglib. If both svglib and uni­­con­ver­­tor are avail­able, svglib is pre­­ferred (for SVG, of course). Patch orig­i­­nal­­ly by rute.

  • Is­­sue 109: Sep­a­rate styles for each kind of ad­­mo­ni­­tion

  • For Is­­sue 109: mis­s­ing styles are not a fa­­tal er­ror

  • Is­­sue 117: TOCs with more than 6 lev­­els now sup­­port­ed (raised lim­it to 9, which is sil­­ly deep)

Lord of Light

Cover for Lord of Light


Just awe­some. Some may say the or­ga­ni­za­tion is too dif­fi­cult, with the mid­dle part be­ing 50 years pre­vi­ous the oth­er two.

That is non­sense, it's just a book that asks you to work a bit. You won't kill your­self try­ing.

One of my favourite book­s.

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