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Son of BartleBog X: Lots of small things are a big thing

  • I did the tag ed­i­­tor:


The "Guess Tags" but­ton in the com­pos­er us­es the "Mag­ic word­s" de­fined for each tag to give you a start­ing set, which you can ed­it lat­er. Still has a few im­ple­men­ta­tion is­sues (thus the tagless­ness of this post) but it's al­most there.

  • Us­ing HTMLTidy I made all the HTML val­i­­date (as tran­si­­tion­al, at least­­).

  • Us­ing browser­­cam I made sure this page works on ev­ery de­­cent brows­er (it looks bad on IE 4.0, and Net­s­cape 6):


There is a nasty prob­lem with IE and JavaScrip­t, where if you have a <scrip­t> that does some spe­cif­ic things in­side of a <di­v> it tends to give a weird "Op­er­a­tion abort­ed" di­a­log af­ter show­ing part of the page, and then delete what you were se­ing. That is a known, con­firmed bug, and has been there for three ma­jor ver­sions al­ready.

  • Added a feed­Box wid­get that can dis­­­play as a side­bar any feed that us­es Feed­Burn­er's Buz­z­­Boost (see "Lat­est com­­ments" on the side­bar).

I am now toy­ing with us­ing Feed­Burn­er's API to (op­tion­al­ly) au­to­mat­i­cal­ly pub­lish all the RSS feeds Bartle­Blog gen­er­ates there, thus mak­ing this kind of thing more trans­par­en­t.

Son of BartleBlog IX: Eating my own dog food

Even though it's not re­al­ly ready, I am switch­ing my blog to Bartle­Blog.

The idea is that I do blog. So I should be able to fo­cus on what's need­ful for my own kind of blog. For ex­am­ple, right now, the idea of not be­ing able to tag this post is driv­ing me nut­s.

Son of bartleblog VIII: Some Qt love

Now that the back­end is still iffy but gen­er­ates a blog, I fi­nal­ly start­ed show­ing some love to the UI.

Here's the brand new post ed­i­tor:


The far-right two but­tons should let you choose your flickr pho­to/openo­my file re­spec­tive­ly and add the link/thumb­nail eas­i­ly (the UI is not done yet).

The for­mat to write is Re­struc­tured Text or HTML (non wysi­wyg) but oth­er things like Tex­tile or wi­ki markup should be easy to ad­d.

The main win­dow us­es a Qt mod­el to cre­ate the tree with views (right now) by date, but with al­ter­na­tive or­ga­ni­za­tions soon.

Son of Bartlebog VII: the nuclear test site

A lot of new fea­tures go­ing on, like openo­my based file up­load­ing and links that work like sim­ple rst di­rec­tives:

.. openomy:: my-file.ext

And you should get a link to the file, stored in the 1GB the openo­my guys kind­ly pro­vide.

Al­so, you can ac­tu­al­ly see how the test site looks at //ralsi­­blog (us­ing the ex­act same da­ta as this one).

I ac­tu­al­ly up­load al­most ev­ery change I do, so it breaks of­ten ;-)

Son of Bartleblog VI: The flickr directive

I added a Re­struc­tured Text di­rec­tive that takes as ar­gu­ment the ti­tle of one of your (my) flickr pic­tures, like this:

.. flickr:: pa120071

And pro­duces this:

Which is much nicer than my im­ages have looked for a while.

It can still be im­proved, prob­a­bly add a cap­tion, link to im­age com­ments if avail­able, etc.

The bad side is that if you don't have in­ter­net ac­cess the ren­der­ing fail­s.

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