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Hoy: Mosaicos

Tiling Win­dow Man­ager­s: cosa de nerds o cosa de su­per ul­tra re­con­tra ren­erd­s? De­bería sen­tirme mal porque me pare­cen in­có­mo­d­os y pre­fiero mi win­dow man­ag­er tradi­cional?

No te pre­ocu­pes, acá te mue­stro la ter­cera posi­ción, casi un per­o­nis­mo del mane­jo de ven­tanas: KWin + Kröhnkite, o "co­mo un tiling wm, pero lin­do"

No sé que miér­coles le pasa al sonido a los 2:58, pero no lo pien­so volver a grabar por es­o.

Python Faster than C [*]

[*] Terms and con­di­tions may ap­ply.

Evil tricks to make even your [my] crap­py code faster. How much faster? FASTER.

The eng­lish ver­sion of this talk I al­ready gave like 3 times, but, you know, the talk stays the same, you just need to change the au­di­ence!

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