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I read a lot, they tell me. And I do keep some­what slop­py records of what I read in goodread­s.­com ... I even some­times write short re­views of those books I read! But un­til now that con­tent was "over there" in­stead of be­ing "over here".

Sure, I could copy­/­paste ev­ery­thing one way or the oth­er and keep them in sync. But what sort of no-­good nerd would I be if I cre­at­ed a repet­i­tive task for my­self? An­swer: a very no-­good one.

So, I am au­tomat­ing it, and just be­cause why not, I am turn­ing it in­to a gener­ic "merge any ran­dom feed in­to your Niko­la site, even if it needs tweak­ing and the meta­da­ta you want is hid­den in ran­dom fields and then you need to re­for­mat the out­put so it looks sor­ta nice" via a Niko­la plug­in.

That plug­in is very much a WIP but as you can see in the goodreads tag it does work some­what, and it will get bet­ter over time.

You can see that plug­in here: http­s://­plu­g­in­s.get­niko­la.­com/v7/­con­tin­u­ous_im­port

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