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2017-05-27 15:58

Books on this site

I read a lot, they tell me. And I do keep somewhat sloppy records of what I read in ... I even sometimes write short reviews of those books I read! But until now that content was "over there" instead of being "over here".

Sure, I could copy/paste everything one way or the other and keep them in sync. But what sort of no-good nerd would I be if I created a repetitive task for myself? Answer: a very no-good one.

So, I am automating it, and just because why not, I am turning it into a generic "merge any random feed into your Nikola site, even if it needs tweaking and the metadata you want is hidden in random fields and then you need to reformat the output so it looks sorta nice" via a Nikola plugin.

That plugin is very much a WIP but as you can see in the goodreads tag it does work somewhat, and it will get better over time.

You can see that plugin here:

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