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2004-05-21 20:21

Qmail Address Lister

It has been way too long without posting a longer item, so... I recicled a script I wrote for a customer, and here it is:

A python script that lists (almost) all email addresses in a qmail system.

Also, a slightly tweaked CSS, thanks to Georg!

2004-02-26 17:16

Useful qmail patch

Adds tarpitting to qmail-smtpd, which is almost mandatory for a modern large SMTP server.

Too bad it's not progressive tarpitting, but that's easy to fix :-)

Now all I need is a patch to make qmail-smtpd check local rcpt's validity and I'm completely trouble-free with it.

2004-02-23 18:32

Ugly hack at noon

I just spent the afternoon at a client's hacking qmail+courier to work storing mail on a NT server.

Why? Well, migration issues, from NT to Linux.

And what had to be hacked? Lots.

  • You can't chmod over SMB
  • You can't link() over SMB (you can unlink(), though), so in order to have atomic message moves from Maildir/tmp to Maildir/new and whatever, rename()
  • Good thing this was a single-UID qmail system: you can't chown either ;-)
  • Courier's metadata is created on Maildir/tmp and moved: same problem as above
  • Cranky permission checks fixed via uid,gid,fmask mount options.
  • It had to work with a canned webmail thing, which expects all mail to be in one folder on disk, so Maildir/cur and Maildir/new have to be symlinks to a single folder.
  • Since you can't have symlinks on SMB, Maildir is local, but subdirs of it are symlinks to the SMB-mounted thing
  • Then courier's pop doesn't work because you can't rename from Maildir/tmp (over SMB) to maildir/courierpopwhatever (local), so hack courier to use mkstemp or whatever
  • Then courier got each mail twice. Looks like it sees two UIDLs for the same file, depending on whether it's read or not (my guess: because we are mixing Maildir/cur and Maildir/new on one folder). Make courier use alternative UIDL format and it works.

And so on. About two hours, and I am pretty sure noone has ever done something like this before. On the other hand, when noone has done something like this before, they usually had a very good reason!

2003-11-03 15:56

Qmail RPMs

I have been using Bruce Guenter's nice Qmail rpms for years, but he doesn't seem to be working on them much.

So, I just fixed a couple of issues:

  • TLS Support
  • errno fix (for glibc 2.3)
  • svc-add smtpd (silly)

So, it now builds out-of-the-box on RH8 and RH9.

I should open a site for them, probably. Add CRAM-MD5 authentication (I have it working with a plain file, LDAP would be nicer), a working courier RPM (tricky to build sometimes), a little extra stuff (antivirus, spamassassin, autoresponder) and it's really a nice mail server in a box.

2003-09-24 20:36

Fighting Spam with Qmail (part I)

Well, what the title says, mostly :-)

How to integrate qmail and spamassassin, so your mail gets filtered, trying to keep it simple.

2003-09-21 03:12

Queue Management with Qmail

Brand new article, just finished writing it.

This article describes the queue system of qmail, and the tools you can use to manage it. Also, it introduces a new one, called qmail-cleaner, to find messages in the queue that match a given regular expression.

2000-02-09 01:46

Advogato post for 2000-02-09 01:46:16

I took a couple of days off programming, and today I got back into it. I am doing some nifty stuff with mrtg. It's amazing how many different things you can graph with some thought. Today I added "number of requests off the web proxy" and "mails processed by qmail (incoming and outgoing separate)". Quite nifty to find unusual situations.

On the free software side of things, KRN is right now in a shape that would make it a credible 0.6.10, but I think I will add some extra things.

The find article dialog is done, and article threading is now as close to perfect as I can understand, so that's two things less to care about.

I am starting to write a short essay, that I may propose to publish in advogato. It's a bit inflammatory, but in a good way.

Anxiously waiting news from the Brazil job. My petition was supposed to be read today, so I may have news tomorrow...

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