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Posts about qmail (old posts, page 1)

Correction in "Fighting spam with qmail (part I)"

So, Lin­ux­to­day picks it, and it had a se­ri­ous mis­take: if­s­pamh is not a perl scrip­t, but a ko­rn shell scrip­t.

Fixed now, hope­ful­ly noone screwed his sys­tem be­cause of that ;-)

Fighting Spam with Qmail (part I)

Well, what the ti­tle says, most­ly :-)

How to in­te­grate qmail and spa­mas­sas­s­in, so your mail gets fil­tered, try­ing to keep it sim­ple.

Queue Management with Qmail

Brand new ar­ti­cle, just fin­ished writ­ing it.

This ar­ti­cle de­scribes the queue sys­tem of qmail, and the tools you can use to man­age it. Al­so, it in­tro­duces a new one, called qmail-­clean­er, to find mes­sages in the queue that match a giv­en reg­u­lar ex­pres­sion.

Advogato post for 2000-02-09 01:46:16

I took a couple of days off programming, and today I got back into it. I am doing some nifty stuff with mrtg. It's amazing how many different things you can graph with some thought. Today I added "number of requests off the web proxy" and "mails processed by qmail (incoming and outgoing separate)". Quite nifty to find unusual situations.

On the free soft­ware side of things, KRN is right now in a shape that would make it a cred­i­ble 0.6.10, but I think I will add some ex­tra things.

The find ar­ti­cle di­a­log is done, and ar­ti­cle thread­ing is now as close to per­fect as I can un­der­stand, so that's two things less to care about.

I am start­ing to write a short es­say, that I may pro­pose to pub­lish in ad­voga­to. It's a bit in­flam­ma­to­ry, but in a good way.

Anx­ious­ly wait­ing news from the Brazil job. My pe­ti­tion was sup­posed to be read to­day, so I may have news to­mor­row...

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