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What may be in rst2pdf 0.9...

If I man­age to make it work well: Math!

Here's how it look­s:


It does not re­quire TeX. It is not an im­age. It does re­quire ex­ter­nal soft­ware, and it does re­quire you to write TeX syn­tax.

If you are a re­port­lab user: this is a platy­pus flow­able.

As usu­al, it's not me that's do­ing the heavy lift­ing. I am just good at us­ing oth­er tool­s.

With a lit­tle luck, it should be us­able this fri­day.

Forgot t omention it: rst2pdf 0.8.1 is out

I an­nounced it on all oth­er places ex­cept here: rst2pdf 0.8.1 is out. What's new?

  • Com­­plex head­­ers and foot­ers

  • Op­­tion­al in­­­line links

  • Wor­­daxe 0.2.6 sup­­port

  • Many bug­­fix­es

Get it at the usu­al place

uRSSus in a magazine DVD?

Of course I could be mis­un­der­stand­ing this, but it seems they in­clud­ed uRSSus 0.2.10 in a DVD for some rea­son :-)

The link and I will not make a "in so­vi­et rus­si­a" joke.

Using vector images in reportlab, improved

I just com­mit­ted in­to trunk of rst2pdf a nice­ly work­ing SVGIm­age flow­able for re­port­lab­s.

The code is self­-­con­tained in two files:

You can use them in your app if you want (I'd like to know, though). One of them is GPL/L­GPL (it's ba­si­cal­ly copied from uni­con­ver­tor) the oth­er is MIT-Li­censed.

The out­put is as­ton­ish­ing: svg.pdf is on­ly 32KB and com­plete­ly res­o­lu­tion-in­de­pen­den­t. Graph­ics in your PDF That look good print­ed and on screen! And are not huge! Yay!

This will be the flag­ship new fea­ture in to­mor­row's rst2pdf 0.8.

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