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Playing With Picolisp (Part 1)

I want to learn new lan­guages. But new as in "new to me", not new as in "cre­at­ed last week". So I de­cid­ed to play with the grandad­dy of all cool lan­guages, LISP. Cre­at­ed in 1958, it's even old­er than I, which is good be­cause it's ex­pe­ri­enced.

One "prob­lem" with LISP is that there are a mil­lion LISP­s. You can use Scheme or Com­mon Lisp, or Emac­s' Lisp, or a bazil­lion oth­er­s. I want­ed some­thing sim­ple so it was sup­posed to be Scheme... but a few days ago I ran in­to some­thing called Pi­col­isp and it sound­ed so cool.

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