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Hacé version v0.1.2 is out

A new release of Hacé my make-like tool backed by Croupier is out!

Version v0.1.2

  • Make tasks not be de­fault by de­fault. This means that if you
    don't spec­i­fy a task when in­vok­ing hace, noth­ing will hap­pen.

    This is a break­ing change.

  • Added self to ex­posed vari­ables in tasks. This can be used
    to achieve what you would use $@ or oth­er au­to­mat­ic vari­ables
    in Make­files.

  • Added -f op­tion to spec­i­fy a Hace­file to use.

  • Added -n op­tion to do a dry run.

  • Added al­ways_run flag for tasks which caus­es them to al­ways
    run even if their de­pen­den­cies are un­changed.

  • Im­ple­ment­ed --ques­tion flag to ask if a task should be run.

  • Im­ple­ment­ed au­to com­mand, which con­tin­u­ous­ly re­builds as need­ed
    re­act­ing to filesys­tem changes.

Hace release v0.1.1 is out

A new release of Hacé my make-like tool backed by Croupier is out!

First ac­tu­al re­lease. While the tool is not fea­ture com­plete by any mean­s,
it does some stuff and what it does it seems to do well.

For de­tails on what it can and can't do, see the

New Project: Hacé, like Make but lame

Since my dataflow li­brary Croupi­er is sort-of-­func­tion­al, I need­ed a project where I could ex­er­cise it.

This is im­por­tan­t, be­cause it's how you know if the de­sign of a li­brary is good, ex­ten­si­ble, and so on.

So, I de­cid­ed to write a min­i­mal make-­like-thing.

Well, good news, that was easy!

In about 50 lines of code I could write a thing that will run shell com­mands in a de­pen­den­cy dataflow!

It's called Hacé (don't both­er about how to pro­nounce it, I don't care) which is "im­per­a­tive make, sec­ond per­son sin­gu­lar" in ar­gen­tini­an span­ish, so it's an or­der to make.

I will spend a week or two mak­ing it in­to some­thing semi-use­ful, since it has some ad­van­tages over Make­files, such as re­act­ing to file con­tent and not file date, but its des­tiny is prob­a­bly just to be a test­bed for Croupi­er.

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